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TEXICAN ROOM About discrimination al11111111 111107 In Karen Northcott’s article on women at the University of Texas \(Obs., is an important error regarding the Anthropology Department. It is obvious that neither the Anthropology Department nor any other department of itself has any control over the problem of a spouse’s salary in another department. The problem resides in the university’s nepotism rules, which restrict employment of spouses in the same university and especially prohibit having spouses in the same department \(I think there are only one or two exceptions in the university, one in Germanic Department, a department with substantially lower average salaries than most other departments, nor any other department, has control over salary schedules in other departments. It is to be noted that the Anthropology Department has consistently attempted to regularize \(by getting tenure, promotion or faculty members and that all such attempts, although once in a while partially successful, have always bogged down, somewhere in administration. It should also be noted that the department successfully fought to have one of the professionally competent spouses \(a wife who got her PhD in another field; some in another department, with administration’s relaxation of the nepotism rule which has sensibly occurred \(although with possible salary discrimination in a number of instances I know of at least spouse of a member of the Department of Anthropology who is also professionally an anthropologist now or in the last 8 years since I have been with the department. Two other points that I would like to make on this article: a. I would like to see documentation that marriage led to either resignation or reduction of salary. b. No one ever considers paternity leaves. Why is it that neither men nor women think of this need both for father and child as well as for the mother for a period of at least a few weeks during which the father can be with them both helping the mother and himself, experiencing directly what it is to be a new-born father. The Organization of American States no doubt full of “Latin machismo” had such a policy I was very grateful for it when my third child was born; it was the only time I could spend full days with the mother and new-born child. Women’s advocacy groups tend to be female chauvinists, in a peculiarly contradictory way, in this regard there are few if any public statements from them respecting men’s rights to be with the new-born. On another matter, as to the pictures on p. 15 of the same issue, you might point IDialogue out that there is no sign posted on IS35 to indicate where to turn off for the University of Texas! Anthony Leeds, Acting Chairman of Anthropology, University of Texas at Austin. Write or call for details iL e. Preston, Gen. Mgr. RESTAURANT MAIN BALLROOM RAFTERS CLUB Asinine complotting’ I cannot agree with your interpretation that David Belin’s reply to Sylvia Meagher’s rehash of testimony taken from Charles Givens was not straightforward. The question centers mainly around the issue as to just how one can be convincingly objective when dealing with authors of criticism that is manifestly from a September 10, 1971 23 WHERE BUSINESS IS A PLEASURE An overnight stay or a business meeting will be enjoyable at the Northpark Inn ….They’re in business to serve you. 300 Texas size, air-conditioned guest rooms with direct dial telephone, TV, radio; 13 individual meeting /luncheon /exhibit rooms accommodating 10 to 550, 2 swimming pools. Helicopter Service. Free limo service to Love Field, 7 minutes away, 10 minutes from downtown. Fine restaurant and coffee shop. Club facilities. Ample free parking. n o =421=.11 American Express Space Bank 800-AE8.5000 or Call Collect MEET in downtown HOUSTON Meeting facilities for 15 to 450 persons. 4 separate meeting rooms plus mezzanine Plantation Room, above. 400 air-conditioned rooms and suites. Coffee Shop. Dining Room. THE TEXAS STATE HOTEL 720 FANNIN AT RUSK r 214/363-2431 n ORTHrARK .INN… J DALLAS, TEXAS I NORTHPARK INN -1 19300 N. Central Expressway iDallas, Texas 75231 I Please send information on convention facilities for persons. dates of to Address: _.___ __________ Send room rates and brochure. Name:__ m es I Ci ty :