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POINTS OF REBELLION William 0. Doublas I’VE LAST WHOLE EART FALL 1971 Donald Brand et al $4.16 T=IE OtR A PROkfl Walter Prescott Webb THE TEXAS OBSERVER BOOKSTORE PLAN AMOUNTS SHOWN ARE THE DISCOUNTED PRICES, PLUS THE 5% SALES TAX the main feature 20% discount on all titles, hardback and paper, that the Observer carries in stock. who gets the 20% discount all Observer subscribers .. . automatically . . . no application or membership forms . . . and no membership fee. some other friendly features the Observer is beginning to enlarge its stock of paperbacks \(designated by an * in the price regularly in Subsequent issues. orders for books in stock filled and shipped the day they are received. no add-on charges for postage or handling. books not you stock will be ordered for you at the list pric. no need to pay in advance; we’ll bill you at a 25c service charge a few qualifications $5 minimum total on mail orders, please. orders .sent to Texas addressees are subject to the 5% sales tax please note that the 20% discount applies only to’ those books stocked by the Observer. orders for books not stocked will be gladly accepted at the list price, but delivery for these will take about 3 weeks. ADICALS POLEMICS AND PROPHECIES I. F. Stone $8.40 S AND $8.40 THE FEMALE EUNUCH Germaine Greer $5.84 TE RACIST $5.00 $2.06* POWER: AMER Os $6.68 FUTURE SHOCK $7.52 paperback edition $1.64* $4.68 …. $1.64′, $ 5.84 $1.26′ ER ik $5.00 ZAPATA AND THE MEXICAN REVOLUTION John Womack ‘NATION $6:68 YAZOO: INTEGRATION IN A DEEP-SOUTHERN TOWN Willie Morris 4:.?<.;,4*;1 Mk* CENTRAL STATES Larry Goodwyn $5.84 DARK STAR: HIROSHIMA RECONSIDERED IN THE LIFE OF CLAUDE EATHERLY Ronnie Dugger $5.00 ere 4 11,1. ADVENTURES WITH A TEXAS NATURALIST Roy Bedichek AGON PAPERS: AS 'PUB-LISHED BY THE NEW YORK TIMES Neil Sheehan et'al $1.89* $6.68 4,\\ COUNTER CULTURE ;04, Alvin Toffler $1.64* CRIME SIN AMERICA Ramsey Clark paperback edition ,v,s4 , POLITICS OF ECOLOGY James Ridgeway $5.00 WHOLE EARTH CATALOG Fall 1970 $2.52* LII TIL COST GO-OP Consumers Cooperative $1.05* Alkg $4.20* A RICA POWER, PROFITS, & POLITICS Health-PAC Cot.* E B bii:$,A. BtiYEA.INT FOR CHANGING NATIONAL PRIORITIES National Urban Coalition $2.48* THE 4,:A6 , ,., "" ''"''t 0,,,... $2.73* THREE F BEDICHEK, DOBIE, WEBB William A. Owens NORt 1:44 701 MOVING ON Larry McMurtry THE ALTERNATIVE SOCIETY Kenneth Rexroth $5.00 .N.ZA "*': A;*, f . YeS I Robert G. Sherrill $10.50 r Mlle gir; 1 LA RAZA: THE MEXICAN-AMERICANS $5.84 Stan Steiner THE $1.64* c : NON-TEXAS ADDRESSEES EXEMPT FROM 5% SALES TAX INCLUDED IN PRICES THE TEXAS OBSERVER BOOKSTORE 600 WEST 7TH, AUSTIN, TEXAS 78701