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The coming fortnight . . . AUGUST GRAB BAG NOT JUST FOR CHILDREN It’s called “For Children,” but everyone with a little whimsy in his soul should enjoy Rice University’s sophisticated summer art show, which is hung at children’s-eye level. There’s a black-walled maze, exotic animals, a sandbox full of sculpture, closed circuit TV to dress up in front of, a giant jigsaw puzzle and all sorts of other neat stuff; Institute for the Arts, Houston, through August. FABIAN IN DALLAS Not since Snookie Lanson made his return to showbiz in Fort Worth has North Texas had such a happening. Fabian stars in “Love is a Time of Day” at the Windmill Dinner Theatre, 4811 Keller Springs Road, Dallas, through Aug. 22. PRINT SHOW Lynwood Kreneck and Terry Morrow, both graphics artists teaching at Texas Tech, bring their recent prints and drawings to the School Galleries, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, through August. MORE ART UT Austin art professors Kenneth B. Fiske and Robert Levers show collages, ink drawings and acrylic paintings at the UT Art Museum, Austin, through August. AUGUST 6 ALBEE’S PULITZER PLAY “A Delicate Balance,” directed by Sidney McLain, is presented at the University of Texas, Aug. 4-7 and 11-14, 8 p.m., Drama Building Theatre Room, Austin. AUGUST 8 RELIGIOUS ROCK “Jesus Christ Superstar” comes to Corpus Christi, Memorial Coliseum. CONCERT For those who prefer a calmer musical evening in Corpus, there’s another Magritte’s “La Therapeute” is at the center of a maze at Rice University’s children’s show. summer band concert at 8 p.m. on the People’s Street T-Head. AUGUST 10 VIENNA STATE OPERA BALLET’ The renowned European company performs “Therese,” “The Miraculous Mandarin” and “The Blue Danube,” August 10, and “Nachtmusik,” “Paquita” and “Vienna Divertissement,” Aug. 11; 8 p.m., Municipal Auditorium, Austin. TWO BY TWO Uncle Milton Berle stars in this new Richard Rogers musical, State Fair Music Hall, Dallas, Aug. 10-22. AUGUST 12 FAULK’S PEAR ORCHARD Folk humorist John Henry Faulk takes you on a touching and hilarious tour of a town of his own creation. You’ll meet Cousin Ed Snodgrass, Mayor Grumbles, Congressman Guffaw, fat Fanny Rollins, Effie McDoo, Texas’ expert on Sweet Peas and the Supreme Court, and other profound or platitudinous characters from Faulk’s fertile imagination; at Faulk’s family home, Green Pastures, 811 West Live Oak, Austin. “Pear Orchard” begins at 8:30 and costs $3. Dinner is from 6 to 7:45 for $5.25. Faulk will be doing the show twice a month. AUGUST 13 VINTAGE TRUFFAUT UT’s Cinema 40 brings “Shoot the Piano Player ” the Austin campus, Texas Union Theater. AUGUST 15 IT’S TOM JONES!!! Himself! The man that makes matrons’ hearts go pitterpatter, at the Hofheinz Pavilion, U of H campus, Houston, 8 p.m. CHAMBER MUSIC Pianist Mary Sullivan, winner of the Merchants Music Award, performs in the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts summer series, Fair Park, Dallas, 4 p.m. AUGUST 17 CINE INTRIGUE The Alley spends a week at the “mysteries” with Roman Polanski’s first feature film, “Knife in the Water”; “The Castle,” Kafka’s allegory, with Maximilian Schell; and Francois Truffaut’s “The Bride Wore Black” with Jeanne Moreau. The films run Aug. 17 through Aug. 22, but the Alley didn’t tell us which days, Alley Theatre, Houston. Suzanne Shelton, who usually compiles the Fortnight, is away for the month, attending the renowned American Dance Workshop at Connecticut College, New London, Conn. She was one of six critics from throughout the United States invited to attend the workshop this year. EDITOR Kaye Northcott CO-EDITOR Molly Ivins EDITOR AT LARGE Ronnie Dugger Contributing Editors: Bill. 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None of the other people who are associated with the enterprise shares this responsibility with her. Writers are responsible for their own work, but not for anything they have not themselves written, and in publishing them the editor does not necessarily imply that she agrees with them, because this is a journal of free voices. THE TEXAS OB SERVER ‘OThe Texas Observer Publishing Co. 1971 Ronnie Dugger, Publisher A window to the South A journal of free voices Vol. LXIII, No. 16 Aug. 13, 1971 Incorporating the State Observer and the East Texas Democrat, which in turn incorporated the Austin ForumAdvocate. Editorial and Business Offices: The Texas Observer, 600 W. 7th St., Austin, Texas 78701. Telephone 477-0746. GENERAL MANAGER C. R. Olofson OFFICE MANAGER Irene Gaasch The Observer is published by Texas Observer Publishing Co., biweekly from Austin, Texas. Entered as second-class matter April 26, 1937, at the Post Office. at Austin, Texas, under the Act of March 3, 1879. 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