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Address City State 11 reasons why you should read psychology today 1 Why words are the least important of the ways we communicate with each other. 2 The sexual reason behind the popularity of natural childbirth. 3 Why political leaders are constantly in danger of insanity. 4 Why Asians make better politicians than Westerners. 5 Do men need more recreation than women? 6 What kind of parents do hippies make? 7 Why it may be time to end the taboo against . incest. 8 The inferiority feelings of men who seek corporate power. 9 What the schizophrenic is trying to tell us. 10 Are campus activists rebelling against the systemor their parents? 11 What your daydreams reveal about your ethnic background. 12 Why do swingers tend to become impotent? 13 Is it time to grant the right to commit suicide? 14 Does a child think before he can talk? 15 Why are today’s students attracted to violence? 16 Are “hawks” sexually repressed? 17 Are some men born criminals? Want to learn what modern psychology has learned about people? Including you? Until recently, that was quite an order. Your choice would have been to plow through professional journals. Read weighty new books as quickly as they came out. Or trust the mass mediawhere psychology is often sensationalized, distorted, oversimplified. PSYCHOLOGY TODAY has changed all that. It allows the educated layman to catch up with the social sciences. And keep up. With full coverage of all the different approaches to understanding the human condition. The viewpoints range from hard-core Freudianism to the newer behaviorists who, frankly, think Freud was all wet. It’s psychology the way you’d want it to be presented. Excitingly. Without tired jargon. No cliche-ridden definitions. And with contributions by many of the most famous names in the behavioral scienceslike Bruno Bettelheim, Kenneth B. Clark, Rollo May, Ashley Montagu, Carl Rogers and B. F. Skinner. Send for a complimentary issue You can find out what PSYCHOLOGY TODAY is likeand learn a few things you may never have known before without paying a penny. If you mail the coupon, we’ll send you a complimentary issue of PSYCHOLOGY TODAY. There’s no obligation. P.O. Box 24D03, Los Angeles, Calif. 90024 Please send me my complimentary current issue of PSYCHOLOGY TODAY. I may keep my sample copy and owe nothing. However, unless I cancel, you may enroll me as a trial subscriber and send I me the next 11 issues. Bill me after my subscription has started at a special Introductory ratejust $6.00 \(Half the regular $12 IMr. Mrs. Miss I 4-050-6- 12101910191 r – 6-500 I I I I