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Photos by Ronnie Gaasch July 30, 1971 15 12N. Vith Sta “I know that many have been taught to think that moderation in a case like this is a form of treason.”Edmund Burke, April, 1777. We present here, for your edification and delectation, the latest evidence of that seemly sense of proportion which guides all the actions of our State Highway Department. We also wish to inform all our readers not privileged to live in Austin of a wondrous new touch on the local television station, KTBC, property of the Lyndon Johnson family. In olden times, when KTBC’s broadcast day drew to a close, the station’s sign-off feature was a straightforward plug for militarism: the Star Spangled Banner played while visions of jets doing fly-overs, and marching soldiers danced in our heads. Now Old Glory waves while the anthem plays and then . . . and then . . . the flag fades ghostly and there appears on the screen . . . LBJ’S LIBRARY.