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The washington M onthly “If you find the son of a bitch responsible for leaking that letter, I want you to fire him.” “If you find the son ot a bitch responsible for not letting Heckel see the President, I want you to fire him.” Edited by Charles Peters 8 Timothy J Adams —.. Intr..duittnb. Richard Il Iftnr , For 10 bucks you can shake up yourself, and maybe even the government. The country is numb. Political activity is at a low ebb. In Pogo’s words, “We have met the enemy, and they are us.” The Washington Monthly is for people who want to . shake themselves upwho want to join in an uncompromising examination of what is right and wrong with our political system and with ourselves. The Washington Monthly is the most admired*, most closely followed, most influential new magazine in Washington. \(It may be the most feared, too. Ask the the Pentagon bureaucrats first exposed in Christopher Contributors like Russell Baker, Peter Lisagor, Seymour Hersh, Allard Lowenstein, and Murray Kempton accompany Washington Monthly regulars Taylor Branch, Suzannah Lessard, and John Rothchildthe youngest, freshest, most original group of political thinker-writers around. Never heard of them? You will. *”Off to a brilliant start,”says John Gardner. “The best thing of its kind in American life today,” says Richard Rovere. “A heti of a good magazine,” says Theodore H. White. “Respected,” “enterprising,” “impressive,” say The New York Times. Newsweek, and Saturday Review. And it’s all yours, plus a saving of S 10.95. if you act now. You get 12 months of The Washington catch up on the best articles you’ve missed with a free copy of Inside the System \(hardcover edition 111111 The Washington Monthly 1 1 50 Connecticut Ave. N.W. Washington, D.C. 20036 Please enter a one-year subscription for me and, upon payment, send Name Address City State Zip oPayment enclosed o Bill me to-11