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013 SFR a FINAL ISSUE PLEASE USE MLOSED FORM ‘ . A ilEAE.14AL ORDER Poncho Flores is dead By David M Fishlow Pharr Poncho Flores is dead, He was standing on a sidewalk in Pharr, Tex., with his hands in his pockets, on Saturday night, Feb. 7. Half a dozen witnesses say he was shot by a policeman. “Full Scale Rioting Sweeps Pharr Streets” screamed the Valley Morning Star the next morning. “Massed Police Quell Youth Riot at Pharr” said the McAllen Monitor. Even the more reliable Corpus Christi Caller-Times had a double-column, front page story headed “2 Policemen Hurt in Clash at Pharr.” No policeman had been shot in the events that occurred on Saturday night, Loredo Flores, a 20-year-old construction worker from Pharr, was dead. Thirty-one people had been arrested and released on bail. And Pharr, the Hub City of the Valley, was a frightening place to live. A Journal of Free Voices A Window to the South February 26, 1971 250