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MI Ell IN MS MEM= IN MI =MEN NM OM MOM MN NM Il MEM= MN MN MI =I MI MN MI I 1 THE NEW DEMOCRAT 305 West 4th Street, New York, N.Y. 10014 Send me the next 12 monthly issues of THE NEW DEMOCRAT at special introductory subscription rate of $5. your Look for these writers in the October and November issues: *John Fairbank *Curtis Gans *James McGregor Burns *Jack Newfield The over-ground magazirie that seeks to wake up The Democratic Party *Nat Hentoff *Fredrick Dutton *Ronnie Dugger *John Kenneth Galbraith uncounted write-ins for Ben Russell. Lourie further assumes that all those thousands of missing votes amount to at least two percent of the total votes cast, thus qualifying the New Party for a place on the ballot in the ’72 election. A considerable number of people, however, are known to have written in Sen. Ralph Yarborough. The New Party in Houston is trying to get together a reform coalition to run for city government posts next year. The first meeting of the coalition was scheduled for Nov. 19. Most of the 40 citizens invited, many of them leaders of minority communities in Houston, had responded favorably to the invitation. New Party strategists feel they’d have no trouble fielding some outstanding candidates for city council, but there is a hangup in the form of State Rep. Curtis Graves. Graves, a black, who ran for mayor last year, apparently wants to try again in ’71. The polls in New Party doubt that he can win but are faced with a hairy problem if they don’t support him. War tax resistance forming Austin A Texas anti-war, tax-resistance group’ is organizirig around the specific issue of the telephone tax. The 10% federal excise tax attached to telephone and telegraph service in 1966 was identified at the time as a war tax by Rep. Wilbur Mills, who introduced it. Telephone tax resistance is common on the east and west coast, and the organizers are careful to point out, seldom results in disconnected service. The Texas group plans to kick off its campaign with a walk on Saturday, Sept. Dec. 5, at 1 p.m. The walk will begin at the state capitol and proceed past the Southwestern Bell building to the I.R.S. headquarters near Ben White and Interregional, a two-hour hike. Walkers are requested to bring letters stating their intention to refuse the tax until it is repealed or the war has ended. For additional information call 476-0517 or 471-3247. on the Democratic Party, other political movements and substantive political issues. John Kenneth . Galbraith says: I strongly applaud the effort to give the Democratic Party a new, young and radical voice. I hope THE NEW DEMOCRAT will be a major source of discomfort to all who see the Democratic Party not as an instrument of change but as a source of comfo’rt. Senator Edward Kennedy says: THE NEW DEMOCRAT can make more Dembcrats remember why they became Democrats in the first place. 1 Check enclosed Bill me Name Address City State Zip 14 The Texas ObserVek ATHENA MONTESSORI SCHOOL integrated, non-sectarian creative non-graded program 7500 Woodrow Austin 454-4239