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Garwood objects to headline Yesterday I noted a conspicuous sign on your street sales container at the northwest corner of Congress Avenue and Fifth Street evidently an advertisement of your journal. The top item of the conspicuous sign read more or less ilk\(‘ 0’; : Dallas Justice is an Obscenit, i ins statement was not qualified by quotation marks or otherwise identified as the words of this or that individual contributor to your journal and obviously your journal is responsible for it being there. Now I am personally acquainted with most of the Dallas judges above justice of the peace and corporation court level. If even one of them comes close to deserving the epithet “obscene” in his administration of justice, I would be greatly surprised. I also know that Texas has an official Judicial Qualifications Commission created by a constitutional amendment for which I individually and as president of the Texas Civil Judicial Council had considerable responsibility. Unless I have been somehow grossly deceived, the members of this commission are all people of unquestioned integrity, diligence, and ability. Their business is to investigate and take action against judges who are unfaithful to their high calling. I thus consider it worse than irresponsible for you to make public charges like that above mentioned, unless you have presented the particular matter or matters in question to the commission and have good reason that the commission has arbitrarily disregarded them. Conceivably you have already pursued this course, but your statement conspicuously fails to say so and I accordingly doubt that you have. How a publication can say what you 24 The Texas Observer IDialogue have said and at the same time criticize the language of people like Vice-President Agnew is beyond me, unless your real business is propaganda as distinguished from journalism! And Hitler-Stalin type propaganda at that. St. John Garwood, 204 Austin National Bank Building, Austin, Tex. 78701. The headline to which Judge Garwood objects referred to three articles in the Oct. 16 Observer. The articles concerned the shooting of a Dallas youth by a policeman, the trial of five Lee Park defendants, and the conviction of four California blacks on charges of marijuana possession. To Dr. Fred Logan, Jr. 1939-1970 Whiskey, Schubert, & Illinois, this is how I am: boozing to romantic mush states away from the Mexican-American, Texas town of Mathis and the chicano cemetery there, where, weeks ago, they tamped you down at just my age, planted with a band you’d doctored, drunked with to the chagrin of every gringo businessman. My argument’s this: I beat it out of Hebbronville, before they run me off. You, you were free, uncontracted by a white balding school board. Besides, even speaking better English, their wage stayed low as ever. So what good dit do em havin a teach with a bachelor arts when the bean price weren’t no poem? It falls apart, and I know it. M.D. or B.A., the degree don’t make the man. I lasted 9 months, and, oh, / The difference to me! Just look at all it’s meant: another tongue to taste life with, a wife and son with Latin bloodl a blend that blesses Babel. Then what would you suggest, that I pack up, get my own shot off the way that deputy done to yours? Come on, they’re used to it now, their 3rd-rate culture of song & dance been raped by every manifest destiny’s tore through towns of sun &. sand these last three hundred years. Never even met you, and here I’m talking like the best of friends, you gone on to patching up some poor bastard down below, got hisself bounced out the pearly gates, for a bottle Cuervo brand tried smuggling in a worn hip pocket of his western jeans. Go ahead, admit it, you volunteered again. EDWARD OLIPHANT De Kalb, Ill.