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WITH THIS FIRST PUBLIC NOTICE WE INAUGURATE THE Oriole Chapbooks a publishing program dedicated to COMMENT, CONTROVERSY & LIVELY READING in History, Literature, Philosophy, Science, Criticism, Art & Public Affairs. Carefully planned for convenient reading and low priced for wide distribution and easy giving. From time to time, in this column, we shall an nounce new titles. Below is the first list, now ready for mailing. SEAN O’CASEY THE STORY OF THE IRISH CITIZEN ARMY $1.25 CHRISTOPHER CAUDWELL PACIFISM AND VIOLENCE: A Study in Bourgeois Ethics 500 LIBERTY: A Study in Bourgeois Illusion 500 THE BREATH OF DISCONTENT: A Study in Bourgeois Religion 750 MEN AND NATURE: A Study in Bourgeois History 650 CONSCIOUSNESS: A Study in Bourgeois Psychology 750 REALITY: A Study in Bourgeois Philosophy 650 RICHARD ALDINGTON EZRA POUND & T. S. ELIOT 750 EUGENE V. DEBS THE CANTON SPEECH, SPEECHES TO COURT AND JURY 650 For your convenience and ours, all orders must include remittance by check or money order; please add 15 for post and handling. In New York State, add sales tax :,ORIOLE EDITIONS 15 West 81st St New York N Y 10024 444, 4. =me ordinary bedroom, with a wall of mirrors, marble sink tops, and it contained, among other appurtenances, an electric shoepolisher. The bathroom alone must have cost more than $1,600. THERE IS A third alternative in the race. Ben Russell, a Houston businessman with a long and solid record in civil rights and school reform, is running as a write-in candidate for the New Party. 22 The Texas Observer Russell is a man of good faith and he is talking about racism, the war and pollution with the degree of seriousness those problems deserve. He has no hope of winning or even of making a decent showing. His purpose is to set up a viable alternative for the state’s radicals in ’72. I am not at all sure the New Party is viable or is even the best instrument for political reform, but at least Russell is running, if you can’t stomach Bush or Bentsen. In the gubernatorial race, one might as well base one’s choice on aesthetic grounds for lack of anything more concrete. Paul Eggers is generally held to be the more attractive candidate and can clearly speak English better than Preston Smith. But I have a taste for low comedy and rather enjoy Smith. He is independent of the Connally crowd and honest, if not effective. He has been known to make progressive noises. Mr. Eggers does not inspire. Why trade a known mediocrity for an unknown mediocrity? As for who should be lieutenant governor, it all depends on how you feel about Ben Barnes. If you like him, vote for him, if you don’t, vote for the guy who’s running against him. And now for a few words of inspiration. Are you depressed by the names on the ballot for this election? Feeling low? Ready to give up? Please don’t. It may not get better if we try again and try harder. But it’s bound to get worse if we don’t. I believe most of us are increasingly opressed by the feeling that it’s getting to be too late. Too late to save the environment, too late to stop creeping fascism. If it is getting to be too late, then we’ve really no alternative but to try again and to try much harder. Albert Camus held that Sisyphus, who was forever rolling a huge rock up a mountain only to have it tumble back down just before he got it to the top, was the only truly happy man. I’d prefer to get the rock to the top, thanks. So come along, Texas radiclibs, you Sisyphuses with drawls and twangs, let’s start again and we’ll laugh a little along the way. Frijoles! Frijoles! M.I. ………… Personal Service Quality Insurance ALICE ANDERSON AGENCY INSURANCE & REAL ESTATE 808A E. 46th, Austin, Texas 465-6577 THE TRUMPET Digest of Independent Liberal , Thought. I year \(12 Goleta, Calif. 93017. #rivitz’ Since 1866 The Place in Austin GOOD FOOD GOOD BEER 1607 San Jacinto GR 7-4171