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Happiness Newspapers Magazines Political Specialists printing Signs and Placards Bumperstrips Office Supplies 1006/0 Union Si10D FUTURA PRESS I C Phone 512/442-7836 1714 SOUTH CONGRESS P.O. BOX 3485 AUSTIN. TEXAS Is By w ? 1 ATHENA MONTESSORI SCHOOL integrated, non-sectarian creative non-graded program 7500 Woodrow Austin 454-4239 The Dallas News editorialized the other day for a harmonious Democratic state convention with fair play for all. Right away we could sense that Yarborough Democrats were, once again, about to get it between the shoulder blades. This is “Take a Lib to Lunch” season in the Lloyd Bentsen-Preston Smith reactionary circles. That’s why the Governor is being so nice to Senator Mauzy and organized labor \(remember his attack on convention approaches. Promises are flowing like Scotch at the Petroleum Club a platform plank calling for a state utilities commission, a tough industrial safety law, a $3 minimum wage. You name it, Preston and Lloyd are for it this month. Think back to other party platforms. In 1966 the “Democrats” Connally and Carr ran on a platform that endorsed the state utilities commission and other nice things. All we got was a higher sales tax and corrupt, one-party government. Platforms mean so little that in 1960 one Texas Democrat ran for Vice President on a national platform calling for a strong civil rights law, and simultaneously he ran for the Senate in Texas where the state platform opposed such a law. Enjoy the bait, but don’t be fooled. On November 2, spring your own trap: vote against Smith and Bentsen and for a two-party Texas. *rebuilding JOHN F. KENNEDY “SOMETIMES PARTY LOYALTY: TOO MUCH” THE DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE . Come out, everybody, and be amazed … Get down on your knees and worship, for this day that is passing is holy, and marvelous, and terrible. It is the afternoon of a day in life. Please do not ignore it. Do not simply let it be.” But as I looked there was no prophet at the corner, and there were no wild words. There was nothing to disturb the heat or the run-down houses or the dust of the streets. I kept walking; the locusts surged on. That remembered feeling from my past: that there was a God in the world, watching, quietly taking note. God, the solemn Sunday Someone. It is obvious that human beings are constructed to care, so they go about, wanting a universe to care as well. PILOT An airline pilot and hi shapely wife were taking an afternoon stroll down the shopping center mall. Everything about him, suggested buoyancy, flight, a purely temporary attachment to earth; everything about her suggested solid comforts, womanliness, bed. The pilot was not in uniform. He wore a short-sleeved white knit shirt, blue walking shorts, pale blue canvas shoes without socks. His hair pewter-going-to-gray was cast into iron waves; his moustache, a carefully trimmed and polished-looking wing, hovered lightly above his upper lip. As he walked past the store windows the pilot pretended interest in diamonds, walnut furniture, clothes. He nodded gravely at floor lamps. But even as they stood paused in front of the shining display glass, considering luxuries, the pilot’s tanned calf muscles were flexing smoothly as if they were idling little body motors that could, at a moment’s notice, send him aloft. September 18, 1970 21