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THE BEGINNING READERS’ PROGRAM Dept. GS A Division of Grolier Enterprises Inc. P.O. Box 5916 Clinton, Iowa 52732 Yes, please send my child the 3 BRIGHT AND EARLY BEGINNER BOOKS shown here \(a $5.85 and bill me only $1.65 plus delivery. If not delighted, I may return the books in ten days and owe nothing. Otherwise each month thereafter please send another BEGINNER BOOK for only $1.65 plus delivery I may cancel any time after purchasing 4 monthly selections. Child’s Name Age Address City State Zip Code Parent’s Signature I-620-7-12i 00191 Great news from Dr. Seuss for parents of 2 to 6 year olds! with your child’s trial enrollment in The Beginning PARENTS’ MAGAZINE 04…t1 ,C….,1,04 …thy , .10 For the first time ever, there’s a new kind of book for very young children. Created by Dr. Seuss and his friends, they’re called BRIGHT AND EARLY BOOKS remarkable little stories that give your youngster a jet-propelled start into the world of reading. Dr. Seuss and his friends have done a wonderful thing! They’ve created BRIGHT AND EARLY BOOKS that charm even very little kids into reading. Extra easy, breezy and gay, BRIGHT AND EARLY BOOKS make learning to read really child’s play for 2-to-6-year-olds. They talk to a tot about things that are delightfully familiar to him: his eyes and the fun of seeing… his feet and the marvels they can perform … the ideas that a young child finds so fascinating. But humor is the real magic of these enchanting new books. The illustrations are so funny a youngster can’t resist themand from there it’s a natural step to reading the it takes is a bit of “read aloud” help from you, and your youngster is on his way. Slowly at first, then with more assurance, he’ll be reading all by himself! From this happy starton to bigger things! The three BRIGHT AND EARLY BOOKS shown here are the starter books in the BEGINNING READERS’ PROGRAM. They cost $5.85 at the publisher’s catalog price. But you may have all three for only $1.65. They’ll get your “beginning” beginner off to a happy start in reading. And then it’s an easy glide right into reading regular BEGINNER BOOKS … for they begin where BRIGHT AND EARLY BOOKS leave off! As a member of the program, your child will receive a BEGINNER BOOK each month, and you will be billed only $1.65 plus delivery instead of the publisher’s catalog After accepting four monthly selections, you may cancel membership at any time. Enjoy this 10-day treat free! It’s a delight to watch Dr. Seuss and his friends charm your child into reading. We’d like you to see how they do it. So you’re invited to accept the three books shown here for a 10-day free trial. You must be delighted, or you may return the three books and owe nothing. Just fill out and mail the Readers’ Program otl Ol PlIFONIIANCl of, * .;4,GIMd 61:41:41:FrPint,:: -.NI 10 CONS, The EYE BOOK by Theo. LeSiegt illustrations by Roy McKie A delightful book about eyes and what they see! It explains simple concepts in easy words and wonderfully whimsical pictures that will enchant any child. t Dr. Seuss’s pen name The FOOT BOOK by Dr. Seuss Up feet, down feet, Here come clown feet. Only Dr. Seuss, using simple rhymes and delightfully daffy drawings, could have created a book about funny feet like this for tots. Your youngster will love it. Illustrations 1968 by Dr. Seuss SEND NO MONEYMAIL COUPON TODAY 5 INSIDE OUTSIDE UPSIDE DOWN by Stan and Jan Berenstain Here are the famous Berenstain bears to tickle little funny bones. Simple words are combined with hilarious pictures to make your youngest child giggle with joy.