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Studies. And at least one of them would be open, flexible, integrative atmosphere of mistake made on the campus of the an associate dean for instruction in the single college as a living cell. University of Pittsburgh only three years compliance with the regents’ concern to ensure teaching effectiveness. The associate N A COLLEGE whose ago. A foundation study of the disaster that followed the abolition of the Collee g dean for instruction would have as his functional structure is modeled on the of Arts and Sciences on that campus primary responsibility the examination and living cell, education can thrive. It offers a culminated in a recommendation that the review of all teaching activities by teaching matrix for open, flexible, integrative study College of Arts and Sciences be restored. assistants, assistant instructors, instructors, and research in which the liberal arts can The University of Pittsburgh, now engaged and assistant professors. He would give flourish and in which young men and in putting Humpty-Dumpty back together, special care to the examination of the women are not professionalized before is experiencing all of the difficulties related credentials and backgrounds of all persons their time, but are allowed to mature as in that song of childhood. appointed to such positions, insure that whole persons, capable of the The University of Texas at Austin is on their teaching was reviewed at periodic responsibilities of citizenship and the wall. Why push it? intervals and regularly evaluated by parenthood. Young men and women may, The distinctive concern of the College of students and faculty, and make certain that in such a college, avoid premature Arts and Sciences for the d of no reappointments or promotions were obsolescence that is so often the civilized human beings, of evelopment informed and recommended for persons in these teaching consequence of narrow professional study. responsible citizens, of sensitive positions unless they were found to be It is well known to all of us that the most dedicated parents, is n not achi and eved by highly effective and responsible teachers. exciting work done today on the graduate fracturing that co roups at The associate dean of instruction would and under-graduate levels is done in the have no meaning or rationale llege into g apart from not assume the responsibility for carrying interstices between traditional disciplines. some narrow professional program! It is out these activities of review and visitation How important, then, to have a college the mix that gives the College of Arts a and evaluation by himself. Instead, he that is a single unity a flowing, living cell Sciences its distinctive characteristics and would, by direct cooperation with of great complexity, stirred by the vitality mission and the means to fulfill that departmental and program chairmen and of persons, in which movement between mission. When the mix is members of the faculties of various departments, divisions, and centers is through the destruction of the college departments, insure that this review, facilitated rather than rigidified through itself, the reason for its existence is also visitation, and evalUation was made by the separate colleges with separate budgets and destroyed. faculties themselves. He would thus separate deans. respect faculty prerogatives on A college modeled on the living cell is a I have said all that time will permit departmental issues and instructional structure for the future. But you have been about educational goals and objectives. Let programs at the same time he furthered the asked to accept the same old rigid structure me speak now of prudence. realization of excellent teaching. But all of that has been tried and has failed on The University of Texas has improved these activities would be carried on in this innumerable campuses. I call’ your special dramatically in quality over the last few 14The attention to the fact that you are now years. It now has a first-rate student body Texas Observer beg asked to repeat precisely the same and a truly outstanding faculty. The FRANK FRANK’S FRIEND Last spring, when asked about Frank Erwin’s antics as chairman of the University of Texas Board of Regents, Preston Smith came to Erwin’s defense. Smith probably harked back to 1968, when Erwin contributed heavily to his campaign against Don Yarborough. In any event, Smith said of Erwin: “I’m sure he did what he thinks is right and best.” Since then, with Erwin at the helm, UT has lost six top administrators including its chancellor, its pPesident and the Dean of the College of Arts & Science’s, Dr. i’lohn Silber. And yet, Smith on August 3 reaffirmed his faith in Frank Erwin. Frank Erwin is but a symptom. The real disease is the one-party system in Texas, which enables political hacks and power brokers to treat state universities as personal fiefdoms. The one-party system rewards the Smiths and Erwins, defeats men like Ralph Yarborough and gnaws at the roots of academic freedom and good government. Break that system in November by voting against Smith and Bentsen, and voting for a two-party, enlightened Texas. The Democratic *Rebuttatng Committee , , STATE OFFICE: 2201 N. Lamar, Room 209, Austin, Texas PHONE: 476-7565 MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 1782, Austin, Texas 78767 Co-Chairmen: Archer Fullingim, Editor, The Kountze News, Kountze, Texas; Curtis M. Graves, State Representative, Houston, Texas; Bob Sanchez, Attorney at Law, McAllen, Texas; Executive Director: Tom Bones; Director of Organization: Dave Shapiro.