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THE WALL STREET JOURNAL SEPTEMBER 20, 1966 Democratic Governor Slows Trend in Texas To Two-Party System By ALAN L. OTTEN Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL AUSTIN, Texas Gov. John B. Connally has impressively accomplished one of the main missions that brought him hurrying back from his job as Navy Secretary in Washington four-and-a-half years ago. He has slowed Texas’ drift toward becoming a Northern-style two-party state, with a liberal Democratic Party and a conservative Republican Party, and has preserved at least a while longer the firm control of the conservative Democrats. phnto by Lee Langum Hentsem and Smith are against &tidily a strong, two-larty texas. fiver Wonder Why? “SOMETIMES PARTY LOYALTY ASKS TOO MUCH” .. . He spoke gloomily about the Massachusetts Democratic Party: “Nothing can be done until it is beaten . . . badly beaten. Then there will be a chance for *rebuilding.” JOHN F. KENNEDY The Democratic *Rebuilding Committee STATE OFFICE: 2201 N. Lamar, Room 209, Austin, Texas PHONE: 476-7565 MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 1782, Austin, Texas 78767 Co-Chairmen: Archer Fullingim, Editor, The Kountze News, Kountze, Texas; Curtis M. Graves, State Representative, Houston, Texas; Bob Sanchez, Attorney at Law, McAllen, Texas; Executive Director: Tom Bones; Director of Organization: Dave Shapiro. ‘11111111111111111111M1111111