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Some Suggested Titles In Stock List Mem. Price Price MOVING ON Larry McMurtry $ 7.95 $ 6.36 LA RAZA: THE MEXICAN AMERICANS Stan Steiner $ 8.95 $ 7.16 NOBODY KNOWS: REFLECTIONS ON THE McCARTHY CAMPAIGN OF 1968 Jeremy Laremer $ 4.95 $ 3.96 SAL SFPUEDES: CESAR CHAVEZ AND THE NEW AMERICAN REVOLUTION Peter Matthiessen $ 6.95 $ 5.56 THE VISUAL ARTS AS HUMAN EXPERIENCE Donald L. Weismann . .$18.50 $14.80 .. AND OTHER DIRTY STORIES Larry L. King $ 5.50 $ 4.40 MILITARY JUSTICE IS TO JUSTICE AS MILITARY MUSIC IS TO MUSIC Robert Sherrill $ 6.95 $ 5.56 ROBERT KENNEDY: A MEMOIR Jack Newfield $ 6.95 $ THE GUN THAT MADE THE TWENTIES ROAR Bill Helmer $ 7.95 $ 6.36 THE KENNEDY LEGACY Theodore Sorensen $ 6.95 $ 5.56 HOW TO TALK BACK TO YOUR TV SET Nicholas Johnson $ 5.75 $ 4.60 JUSTICE: THE CRISIS OF LAW, ORDER AND FREEDOM IN AMERICA Richard Harris $ 6.95 $ 5.56 TALES FROM THE BIG THICKET ADVENTURES WITH A TEXAS NATURALIST Roy Bedichek $ 4.50 $ 3.60 SOME PART OF MYSELF J. Frank Dobie $ 6.95 $ 5.56 $ 5.56 THE MAKING OF A COUNTER CULTURE Theodore Roszak $ 7.95 $ 6.36 AMERICA THE RAPED Gene Marine $ 5.95 $ 4.76 ON HIS OWN: RFK 1964-68 Vanden Heuvel & Gwirtzman $ 7.95 $ 6.36 THREE MEN IN TEXAS: BEDICHEK, WEBB, AND DOBIE THE ONE-EYED MAN Larry L. King $ 5.95 $ 4.76 THE LITHOGRAPHS OF THOMAS HART BENTON .$12.50 $10.00 THE BEST OF BRANN: THE ICONOCLAST $ 6.95 $ 5.56 List Mem. Price Price IN A NARROW GRAVE Larry McMurtry $ 7.50 $ 6.00 COUNTRY MUSIC, U.S.A. Bill Malone $ 7.50 $ 6.00 THREE FRIENDS: BEDICHEK, DOBIE, WEBB William A. Owens $ 6.95 $ 5.56 TRUTH IS THE FIRST CASUALTY: THE GULF OF TONKIN AFFAIR Joe Goulden $ 6.95 $ 5.56 THE SELLING OF THE PRESIDENT 1968 Joe McGinnis $ 5.95 $ 4.76 A PERSONAL COUNTRY A C. Greene $ 6.95 $ 5.56 THE EMERGING REPUBLICAN MINORITY Kevin P. Phillips $ 7.95 $ 6.36 THE YEAR OF THE PEOPLE 5.56 Sen. Eugene McCarthy $ 6.95 THE JOHN HOWARD GRIFFIN READER $ 8.50 $ TOWARD A DEMOCRATIC LEFT Michael Harrington $ 5.95 $ TEXAS SKETCHBOOK: IMPRESSIONS OF PEOPLE AND PLACES 6.80 Elroy Bode $ 5.00 $ 4.00 JFK AND LBJ 4.76 Tom Wicker $ 5.00 $ 4.00 THE AGONY OF THE AMERICAN LEFT Christopher Lasch $ 4.95 $ 3.96 THE TEXANS: WHAT THEY ARE-AND WHY David Nevin $ 5.95 $ 4.76 HUNDRED YARD WAR Gary Cartwright $ 5.95 $ 4.76 DARK STAR: HIROSHIMA RECONSIDERED IN THE LIFE OF CLAUDE EATHERLY $ 4.76 Ronnie Dugger $ 5.95 $ 4.76 BLESSED McGILL $ 4.76 Edwin Shrake $ 4.50 $ 3.60 MY BROTHER LYNDON $ 6.36 Sam Houston Johnson $ 6.95 $ 5.56 A VERY PERSONAL PRESIDENCY: LYNDON JOHNSON IN THE WHITE HOUSE Hugh Sidey $ 5.95 NORTH TOWARD HOME Willie Morris $ 5.95 THE SOUTH AND THE NATION Pat Watters $ 7.95 THE GREAT FRONTIER Walter Prescott Webb $ 6.00 $ 4.80 GOTHIC POLITICS IN THE DEEP SOUTH Robert Sherrill $ 6.95 $ 5.56 THE TRAGEDY OF LYNDON JOHNSON Eric F. Goldman $ 8.95 $ 7.16 Optional membership in the discount plan, at $5.00 for one year, entitles readers to order the above books or any hardbound book in print \(except text, discount applies to all book purchases made during the 12 months of membership. If possible please enclose payment, including, for Texas residents, the 4’A% sales tax, with your order. Books are sent postpaid. A 25c service charge is added only to those orders not accompanied by payment. THE TEXAS OBSERVER BOOKSTORE 504 WEST 24TH, AUSTIN, TEXAS 78705 IReflections Austin I put this issue together with some reluctance. Ever since I started reading the Observer, I have believed that the journal looked back with excessive reverence on the days of Dobie, Bedichek, and Webb. While the Observer’s political stance has been forward looking, its literary efforts often have been provincial and nostalgic. \(When I first applied for work on the Observer, I wrote to Greg Olds, who was editor then, that the Observer should look beyond Scholz’ Beer Garten in order to be Greg started soliciting articles for a Life in Texas issue at least a year and a half ago. Everything in this issue, with the exceptions of Ken Dessain’s cowboy piece and the article on the Big Thicket, is from the Life in Texas manuscript file. These printed articles and others that I decided not to print, at least not at this time, are on a variety of topics, but not one deals with urban life. Many of the manuscripts are about dying towns and dying life styles. Not one essay or short story submitted for the Life in Texas issue copes with crowding or loneliness or madness in this rapidly changing culture. There is nothing on the drug experience or sex or alientation or new ways of living. Nothing submitted tries to come to terms with this strange and schizophrenic world of today. The articles for the most part, treat an earlier and, therefore, rather quaint culture \(easier to handle literarily than, say, life in Houston’s The work in this issue is by some very fine Texas writers, men and women who are definitely not backward looking. It may be that in sending material to the Observer they were influenced by this journal’s traditional preference for a certain type of literature. I suppose what I’m trying to say without putting down the delightful essays and stories in this issue is that in the future, in addition to paying homage to the Texas that was, I will be actively soliciting new kinds of writing. Dobie, Bedichek, and Webb were products of this culture, but so are Terry Southern, Donald Barthleme, and John Rechy; and the latter three seem more relevant to my life and I assume to many readers’ lives than do those gentle and civilized Texans of another age. K.N. July 10, 1970 ATHENA MONTESSORI SCHOOL Leo Nitch, Director MONTESSORI NORTHWEST LOCATION 7500 Woodrow Phone 454-4239 21