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ROMEFRONT iargi INSTITUTE FOE ANENICAN Of OCIUCT Con Frantz:Won 1970 eout z 81..k Panther Pra m Pot Instant So: unos Prnntel CiEtens Canna, Fight to Se/rogation t…. Far Right Making Hay on Pueblo Issue 446″1″tagla HOMEFRONT INET/tui MU AMERICAN OESIOCEACT HOMEFRONT MISTIME rot AMERICAN OE COACT SEX FRONT ..,”=’,:”ak ,4 Na Man . an the Rtht Patrick Frawley Robert Welch H. L. Hunt Willis Carto B. J. Hargis Gen. Walker Major Bundy Can the Disenchanted Left Bring the Right into Power? Follow the Action in Homefront . Protest and repression are putting the squeeze on the democratic middle. That’s why the Institute for American Democracy keeps tabs on extremism. Its monthly newsletter HOMEFRONT provides inside information on who’s who and what’s what on the Far Left and Far Right. HOMEFRONT was the first to expose the joint Birch Society-White Citizens Council effort to build a mass movement in the name of George Wallace; first to expose the outrageous drive against sex education as another cynical Far Right propaganda trick. HOMEFRONT readers see the similarities between SDS and YAF; the Panthers and the Klan. It is a reliable, responsible publication which names names. Get HOMEFRONT and you’ll be where the action is. What National Leaders Say About IAD “Performing skillfully a task that is indispensible to preserving the quality of American life.” Dr. Arthur Larson, former chief USIA “The work of the Institute is vital if a rational dialogue is to flourish.” Sen. Frank Church 01.}TRON EFT IALN4, saaana caosnont non. OISItToTt DENOUEACT .44118.1111111.11r,MWat’74= 0 Birchers Boost Wallace; Fret about Reagan “Only by keeping the extremists under the public spotlight can we keep them from making destructive inroads.” Sen. Gale McGee “A vital and courageous voice.” John Henry Faulk author “Sprightly, vibrant and terribly important.” Esther Peterson, former Undersecretary of Labor “IAD is growing in importance every day.” Dr. Cynthia Wedel, pres., Nat’l. Council of Churches “I consider IAD a strategic bulwark against extremism.” Methodist Bishop W. Kenneth Pope “The rising tide of extremism must be countered.” Sen. Edward W. Brooke Institute for American Democracy IAD, 1330 Massachusetts Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C. 20005 Clip And Mail You can count on me as a $5 Associate $10 Contributor I YOUR NAME City, State, and Zip Code smim emNa ammo. AMIE ===.1 Mailing Address .I m l NINO =IN= al Nala mm a .1M 110 0 im m.. A PARTIAL LIST OF SPONSORS Steve Allen, Harry Ashmore, Sen. Edward W. Brooke, Hodding Carter, Sen. Clifford Case, John Kenneth Galbraith, Gen. James Gavin, Dr. Clark Kerr, Dr. Arthur Larson, Dr. Franklin H. Littell, Archibald MacLeish, Sen. Gale McGee, Dr. Roy Menninger, Sen. Frank E. Moss, Sister Mary Olivia, Bishop W. Kenneth Pope, Bernard Rapoport, Dr. James Shannon, Adlai Stevenson III, Dr. Cynthia Wedel, Roy Wilkins, Willard R. Wirtz, Whitney M. Young, Sr., Exec. Dir. Charles R. Baker.