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DO YOU TEACH political science sociology history civics economics government social science social studies literature journalism creative writing Your students may welcome the opportunity to receive The Texas Observer at special reduced rates for a semester. For orders of ten or more copies of each issue sent to a single address the cost for the semester is just $1.75 per student \(including Semester subscriptions will begin with the first issue in February. In addition each student will receive two special reprints of articles appearing in recent issues: REFORM IN TEXAS an analysis of the status of several public policy issues and proposals for change. A 1970 VOTER’S GUIDE the voting records of the members of the Texas Legislature on all key taxation issues during the past session, tabulated according to the Observer’s concept of “right” or “wrong.” Send your order now to The Texas Observer, 504 West 24th, Austin, 78705. You may revise your order as the class rolls settle, at which time we will bill you. We also invite requests for sample copies of recent issues, as a method of introducing the Observer to your students. Austin Last fall a band of canoeists, during an outing on the San Antonio River about a hundred miles south of San Antonio, formed a new organization, Save Our Rivers. We put in the river one day, floated a length of it, lifting our canoes over the occasional log-jams that blocked the course of it, and camped overnight on land that belongs to the family of Sam Houston Clinton, the Austin lawyer. Feasting and gurgling late around the fire, we slept hard and woke late. The winter sun had begun to make the mid-day fire too hot when we began lamenting together the loss of our rivers loss to pollution, loss to the man-made lakes. On the spot, we formed Save Our Rivers and elected Wayne Oakes \(the guitar-picker, singer, and pool shark who is also the executive director of the Anders Saustrup, the linguist and philosopher who is always a kind of unofficial river general on these trips, our secretary-treasurer; Benny Triplett, who has plied the courseways of Texas rivers as much as anyone else living, our field director; and yours truly, the flack of the organization. I think we elected Sam Houston Clinton something, too, and Benny’s love and intrepid wife Wanda has a title. No doubt history will record all these matters more fully. We resolved that sometime in the spring we will have a grand canoe-trip and blast-off to Save Our Rivers. I am reminded of my duties as an official of this organization by Richard Beene’s article on the San Antonio River in a good series he has done for the AP on pollution in Texas. We knew, of course, that most of the water we were floating was effluent from San Antonio. None of us said a word about this fact, that I heard, anyway, but we might not have been so game for the trip if it had been fast water with a high likelihood of turnovers. Well, 1.–ATHENA MONTESSORI SCHOOL Leo Nitch, Director NEW NORTHWEST LOCATION 75.00 Woodrow Phone 454-4239 A-PLUS UNIVERSITY SERVICES With you in mind: typing law briefs theses multilithing resumes dissertations graphic arts dept. Our prices are reasonable-our service is good. Come by 504 West 24th St. \(in the same 477-5651. Mr. Beene was not canoeing the river, and he just outs and says it: 44. . beginning with the city sewage plant on the south edge of town, says one water agent, the river is rapidly becoming little more than a 200-mile-long channel existing solely to carry treated sewage. “Easily half of the river now consists of summer months the figure soars to as high as 95%, water experts say. “Unless present sewage treatment plants are drastically updated, the experts say, the river will become a putrid, septic stream made up almost entirely of treated sewage, just 30 years from now. . . . The stench would be nearly unbearable.” Beene quotes Tom Koch, chief of the San Antonio river authority’s water quality and supply department: “We’ve ruined a . 200-mile-long open park.” The river bottoms are still tranquil and lush. We saw many birds, a hawk, nutria. It is not too late. Soon it will be. 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Free Thinker wanting copy of Truth Seeker may send stamp to Box 2832 San Deigo California 92112. MARCH ON WASHINGTON-photo essay, over 100 pictures, speeches, etc. 10″x12″ Absolute. Send $2.50 Relevance Press, Box 366X Newcomb Hall Station, Charlottesville, Va. 22901. Observations Save Our Rivers