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BUMPERSTRIPS: 4 for 50c, 15 for $1, 100 for $3, 500 for $14, 1,000 for $25. Send check and Zip Code; we pay postage and taxi If FUTURA PRESS INC Phone 512;442-7836 1714 SOUTH CONGRESS P.O. BOX 3485 AUSTIN, TEXAS ae1f.**.A.s Observations those now under medicare by 1975, He proposes to finance this program by progressive taxation rather than regressive payroll deductions. He is the first national politician since Harry Truman with the political courage to take up this great cause. This Month Austin We in Texas who believe the Vietnam war must be ended at once and the nation’s careening militarism brought under control should be thinking about our congressman this January. How does he stand on this war? How did he vote on funds for ABM? This above all is the test that should be used, I believe, in finding and encouraging candidates to run against incumbent Texas congressmen. The filing deadline is February 1. With that studied ostensible disinterestedness in which the big business-financed Texas Research League camouflages its gut punches, James McGrew, the new director of the league, 14 The Texas Observer 1 Since 1866 The Place in Austin GOOD FOOD GOOD BEER 1607 San Jadnto GR 7-4171 A 1970 VOTER’S GUIDE The voting records of each of the 181 Texas legislators on taxation questions during the 1969 sessions, as published in the Sep. 26th Observer, are available in reprint form. Ten cents each for one to 99 copies; five cents each for orders of 100 or more. Also available, at 25c each, are copies of the Sep. 12th issue “Texas’ Narrow Escape A Sales Tax on Food” a detailed report on the roles played by Governor Smith, Lieutenant Governor Barnes, Speaker Mutscher, the lobbyists, and the heroes, regarding attempts to apply the sales tax to groceries. Please enclose payment, including, for Texas residents, the 41/4% state and city sales tax, for orders totaling THE TEXAS OBSERVER 504 West 24th Austin, Texas 78705 said on television last Saturday that the next Texas Legislature may increase the sales tax to five cents \(counting the local After that, he said, the legislators may turn to a personal income tax. “There was a time,” he said, “when I thought you couldn’t pass any more income taxes. I have to revise my opinion because since that time, West Virginia, Michigan, Illinois, and Maine all have gone into the income tax field.” The major state legislative issue of 1970 and 1971 is already clear. Voters should demand this month and this spring that candidates for the legislature promise not to raise the sales tax another penny. The 1971 Legislature should be expected to refuse to do so. And then as McGraw now tacitly concedes, although not explicitly common considerations of social justice will require that new taxes come from a progressive state income tax. Prospects for its passage may be much enhanced by 1973, when redistricting should have broken the Legislature free of the rural conservatives’ control. National Medicare Sen. Edward Kennedy has continued to use his career for excellent causes,, Doggedly, he has weathered out the siege of justified doubts about him after the girl’s death at the bridge. Now he has proposed a national health insurance plan to cover all Americans by 1975, beginning with children in 1971 and working up to EL CHICO, Jr. Burnet Road & Hancock Dr., Austin Beer patio under the stars Fast service & carry-out Delicious Mexican food Dinners $1.15 to $1.45 An operation of R & I INVESTMENT CO. Austin, Texas Alan Reed, President G. Brockett Irwin, Vice President MARTIN ELFANT Sun Life of Canada 1001 Century Building Houston, Texas CA 4-0686 ne4P*4 1.4 Crisis at UT Not since Jim Ferguson has one man plunged the University of Texas into such a mess as Frank Erwin, chairman of the , board of regents, has now. His appointment was a political payoff from John Connally, He debased the business of the university from the first, so openly defending the giving of certain contracts to Connally’s political allies, the regent from Lufkin, Sen. John Redditt, resigned in public disgust. As Chancellor Harry Ransom retired gradually from the scene, Erwin as regents’ chairman steadily became more heavy-handed. He reacted against dissent on the war like a bullmoose in the library. His public blurt turned the Caroline dispute into an academic scandal to the university’s discredit. In a gross showing of contempt for university President Norman Hackerman, Erwin ordered bulldozers and police around on the campus in the notorious Waller Creek farce. The faculty voted, 242 to 197, that he should resign. Pooh! he said look how few of them voted! The students then voted, 6,226 to 966, that he should resign. Pooh! he said look how few of them voted! His arrogance is astonishing. He has no business running a university, and if more people over there don’t stand up to him, it’s not going to be a university any more, it’s going to be a third-rate place for cowed and third-rate people. The Tyler Telegram The Tyler Telegram violated accepted journalistic standards concerning the Vietnam Day Oct. 15 moratorium by announcing, in the edition the morning after, that “we are not reporting in this issue the basic news or message of the celebrants of the Vietnam war moratorium.” A group of Tyler citizens, including Mr. and Mrs. Lou Glasser and