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by 1E-Id r% sioaa gay FREE An Extraordinary Gift 1On parts =parts is alive and well and still raising Hen with those who are destroying America -“., …as near as your nearest plume As Mark Twain said after reading his obituary in the newspapers, “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” In spite of our having been prematurely interred by Time and other media \(some of which took a rather newsstand buyers are enjoying a typically provocative and informative November issue, including: Dial -A-Bomb: How A.T.&T., which has trouble making telephones work, is now the prime contractor for an even bigger boondoggle, the ABM. Oil in the Velvet Playground: How the offshore drilling disaster turned the well-heeled, conservative citizens of plush Santa Barbara into protesting radicals. Dr. Hayakawa in Thought and Action: How S. I. Hayakawa, the general semanticist, failed as a liberal academic, but became the darling of the Right by calling in the cops at San Francisco State College. After the Olympics: How attempts have been made to buy up the militance of black athletes since the Mexico City Olympics. Harry Edwards reveals the threats and pressures that have stalked those who participated in Olympic Project for Human Rights. The Black Moochie: The concluding section of a novella by Eldridge Cleaver based on his childhood experiences in Los Angeles. Yes, Ramparts is very much alive. Of course we’ve had financial problems, as have many publications more so because our kind of crusading journalism doesn’t get the support of the big corporate advertisers. But, unlike The Saturday Evening Post, we’re not giving up the ghostnot while the American peo ple need a strong, unafraid voice at what might be the most critical moment in our history since the Civil War. During the past five years, Ramparts has brought to the American people the most exciting reading of any publication in this country. But more than that, the pages of Ramparts have cast a bright, revealing light on those destructive forces which have been making a mockery of the American claim to democracy and freedom, It was in the pages of Ramparts that the whole story of the Vietnam lobby was first revealed. It was Ramparts, too, that first spotlighted Michigan State U’s role in arming Diem’s repressive police…that warned again and again of our step-by-step involvement in the bloody morass of Vietnam. It was in Ramparts that Eldridge Cleaver’s first writings were published and made so powerful an impression. The Ramparts book SOUL ON ICE is now the No. 1 paperback bestseller in the country with 600,000 copies in print. And in the December and following issues now in preparation, our more than 130,000 readers will be taken behind prison walls to discover the extraordinary underground attempting to achieve unity at San Quentin; inside the Woman’s Liberation Movement with sociologist Marlene Dixon; and they will get an advance look at the rape of Alaska by the oil companies. Other stories to come: the Army, spreads a tularemia epidemic in New England as another biological warfare test goes awry; a profile of rock and roll artist Chuck Berry; a reverie on the Sharon Tate murders in Hollywood by novelist Stephen Schneck. An Invitation to Enjoy Ramparts PLUS TWO REMARKABLY INTERESTINd FREE BOOKS Yes, Ramparts is alive and welland we invite you to see the exciting new issues each month at the special low introductory rate of only $5.95 for the next 9 months. And, in addition, you will also receive FREE the special double-sized Anthology issue of the Best from Ramparts and a copy of Eldridge Cleaver’s stirring SOUL ON ICE as noted below. That adds up to a saving of over 60%. Why not subscribe now and enjoy America’s most exciting magazine. Eldridge Cleaver’s book SOUL ON ICE has become one of the biggest bestsellers in publishing history. “A spiritual and intellectual autobiography that stands at the exact resonant center of the new Negro writing…” “This book, written in prison by a young Negro American is one of the discoveries of the 1960’s.” “Beautifully written … makes you twist and flinch because he is no damned gentleman. He throws light on the dark areas we wish he would leave alone . brilliant.” “The clarity and strength of someone talking to you about a subject he understands, a tone which very few writers ever achieve, no matter how long they work at it.” Ramparts has arranged to send you a copy of SOUL ON ICE entirely free of extra charge with your introductory subscription simply for saving us bookkeeping and billing costs as noted on the coupon below. \(The hard cover edition is a national bestseller at Ramparts 1606 Union Street San Francisco, Cal. 94123 Rush me my free copy of the extraordinary Anthology issue of the Best from Ramparts and send me Ramparts for the next nine months at the special low rate of only $5.95. Name Address City State Zip 0 $5.95 enclosed send me at no extra charge a copy of SOUL ON ICE by n nit; i in tf133 Eldridge Cleaver for saving bookkeep ing and billing costs. issue of ROloperfs. Ida ID Send bill.