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We must receive them two weeks before the date of the issue in which they are to be published. says, “because of the rapid growth of junior colleges in the area.” UT-Dallas, after 1975, will cut further into NTSU’s undergraduate enrollment, and into money that might have gone to the well-established and rapidly growing graduate school at North Texas. “About 22% of our students are enrolled in graduate school, which is a pretty high percentage, and the number of doctoral students has grown enormously,” Kamerick says. “Last year there were about 550. Last fall, 697. This spring, 784.” Mainly because of the draft, the masters’ program has not experienced the same growth, he said. “In the graduate programs, they [UTDallas] are very limited in what they can do at first. It takes a long time to build up a decent graduate school.” North Texas recently suffered a budget cut of $5 million for 1970-71. DON BANKSTON, a Young Democrat turned student radical, describes Kamerick as “a president that’s far more progressive than the students. In every other university, the students have been the vanguard in leading reform movements. Here, it’s the president.” Dr. Jim Giles, an English professor on the committee to organize the AfroAmerican literature course, calls Kamerick 14 The Texas Observer CLASSIFIED OKLAHOMA LIMITED. A Journal of Political Opinion. Published Monthly $5 Per Year. Box 2777-TO, Norman, Okla. 73069. BOOKPLATES. Free catalog. Many beautiful designs. Special designing too. Address: BOOKPLATES, Yellow Springs 8, Ohio. YAMAHA: For the best soundpianosorgansguitars available at Amster Music & Art Center. 17th & Lavaca, Austin. 478-7331. ANNE’S TYPING SERVICE \(Marjorie Anne Binding, Mailing, Public Notary. Twenty years experience: Call 442-7008 or 442-0170, Austin. “the first hope for North Texas to break away from its teachers’ college atmosphere and become a university.” Another professor feels “if Kamerick leaves this place, the faculty exodus with him will look like the Grapes of Wrath. He’s the only reason I feel I have job Austin Green Berets are recruited in Texas, and they are trained in military camps in Texas. They are part of our responsibility, as they are part of all Americans’ responsibility. Homer Bigart has now reported, in the New York Times of Oct. 6, the Army’s version of the events that led it to charge six Berets with murdering a civilian double agent in Vietnam. The CIA had said to the Berets, Bigart reports, that the agent, Thai Khac Chuyen, might have to be killed. Then, reports Bigart: “After ten days of solitary confinement, during which Mr. Chuyen was subjected to lie detector tests and was repeatedly interrogated while under the influence of drugs, he was disposed of in Nhatrang bay. “According to sources close to the case, Mr. Chuyen was given a massive dose of morphine. Unconscious, he was carried to an outboard motorboat. When the boat was some miles from shore in water, 150 feet deep, he was weighted with tire rims, hit on the head with a pistol butt, shot twice in the head with. a .22-caliber pistol, and thrown over the side…. “[The Berets used] a 25-foot length of heavy chain … to secure the tire rims to Mr. Chuyen. The chain had six locks. “Captain Marasco struck Mr. Chuyen on the head with his pistol. Then, while Captain Williams propped Chuyen to a standing position, Captain Marasco fired a bullet into the agent’s head. “The plan called for two shots in the head. Captain Marasco’s gun jammed. He security here.” Among students only one major complaint has been heard this past year: “I can’t keep Up with what’s going on.” Things have changed that rapidly at North Texas, and Kamerick says he has more changes in mind. stripped the pistol \(Special forces men are cleaned it, and aimed again. This time the pistol fired. Mr. Chuyen was dumped into the bay.” So now the United States is putting political prisoners in solitary confinement, judging them on the basis of lie detector tests and answers while under drugs, taking them out into the bay, chaining tire-rims to them, shooting them, and dumping them in 150 feet of water! Green Berets, recruited and trained in Texas. And when the Army either because a general was piqued because the Berets lied to him, or he feared charges of war crimes, or he resented the growing fame of the Berets said: No, we won’t stand for it, the Nixon Administration that is, the United States called off the trial. In Washington for the first time, we hear the U.S. attorney general justifying the use of wire-taps against persons engaged in domestic dissent. Just how far are we from the time when the United States will justify solitary confinement, lie tests, shootings without trial, and bay dumpings for domestic dissenters? In 15 years the year will be 1984. Mrs. Durr Alabama has its New Waverly, its Mumford Alabama has its Minnie Fisher Cunningham, its Lillian Collier. The grand dames of Texas progressivism would be happy to know Virginia Dun of Wetumpka, Alabama. She is every bit as contemptuous of pusillanimous politicians, every bit as telling in debate against helpless males, as Mrs. Collier is and the late Minnie Fish was. Mrs. Durr led into Chicago last summer a rump delegation from Alabama that was very integrated, very, very anti-war, and very, very, very anti-Wallace. This is my last advertisement as the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners have by official legislative decree compelled me to cancel my advertisement in the Texas Observer. Thanks to all the readers and staff. Dr. Louis E. Buck Veterinarian Observations Green Berets in Texas