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said, “would insure that such firms are held to strict standards of public responsibility in their political and other activities and expenditures.” That was last June two months ago. One would expect this idea, coming from the nation’s most celebrated economist, Considerable Relief For those of us who had been disturbed by the rightward movement of the Texas AFL-CIO as reflected by Hank Brown over the past couple of years, the reelection of Roy Evans as secretary-treasurer brought considerable relief. Since the fight to unseat Roy was clearly directed by Hank Brown himself, the refusal of the convention delegates to follow Brown’s lead and defeat Roy suggests that the rank and file union members have not yet become as conservative as they have been portrayed by the Hank Browns and the George Meanys. We can also hope that the rank and file are not a party to Hank Brown’s apparent courtship with Ben Barnes. Such an alliance is not likely to do much for the working man, and it would sure play hell 16 The Texas Observer would stir up a significant public discussion and debate. Are the liberals still so hung over from the Joe McCarthy era, they are afraid of the very word, “socialism”? Galbraith’s suggestion certainly was not made casually. It makes plausible sense at first reading. What about it, gentlemen? R.D. with liberals in Texas. Don W. Allford, 1505 Cloverleaf, Austin, Tex. 78723. Not Political Strategy Your comments [Political Intelligence, July 18, page 8] about Jimmy Banks’ forthcoming book, Money, Marbles and Chalk, erroneously imply that its purpose “may be part of a GOP strategy aimed at deposing Yarborough.” This along with “Reportedly he is being well paid …” further implies that some subsidization may be involved. This book is a product of business judgment, not “political strategy.” It is altogether a commercial venture. It is one of a series of books about current political and social conditions in the respective states. Similar books about New York and California are in the offing and eventually we expect to publish on all 50 states. Sen. John Tower’s relationship with the publisher is no different nor more nor less than that of some well-known Democrats and Orville L. Freeman, the former secretary of agriculture in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. Together our group seeks to publish responsible political thought and opinion from both sides of the political arena. None of these facts preclude the disclosures in Money, Marbles and Chalk from use for partisan political purposes. Any book is fair game for such purposes. But of greater purpose and importance, this book will supply an insight on state politics of enormous value to all Texans. James Clay, publisher, Washington National Press, Inc., 128 C St. NE, Washington, D.C., 20002. On Congressman Fisher Observer coverage [July 18] of Cong. 0. Now at last citizens outside our district will also benefit from the wisdom contained in this and other newsletters. Eventually through such progressive leadership we may be hauled kicking and screaming into the 19th century. . . . To a large extent his communications to his constituents consists of veiled racial slurs, citation of anonymous “ex perts” to prove his points, undocumented charges against those not of his political philosophy, and blasts against organizations and agencies not in his favor \(Civil In re this particular newsletter it would be interesting to learn which pure race Mr. Fisher feels he belongs to. I was under the impression we all belonged to the human race and that minor differences in pigmentation, etc. merely differentiated between the various ethnic groups within that race. Oh, well, maybe in ’70, ’72 or .. . Jeff D. Sanders, 408 Sycamore, Uvalde, Tex. 78801. Thoughts on Apollo 11 Man has traveled to the moon! Forget the dead in Vietnam. Man has traveled to the moon! Forget national paranoia and ABM. Man has traveled to the moon! Forget hungry faces in San Antonio, Mississippi, and Chicago. Man has traveled to the moon! Forget cancer, arthritis, MS, MD, and the common cold. Man has traveled to the moon! Forget poison gas under Denver and God knows where. Man has traveled to the moon! Forget his pollution of earth’s water and air. Man has traveled to the moon! Forgive his inhumanity. Flogene Ebeling, 1406 E. 15th, Georgetown, Tex. 78626. Not Good In news excerpt, July 23, Gen. Earl G. Wheeler, who had just returned from another trip to Vietnam, stated: “I must say that I find the situation good.” How many horribly napalm-burned children did he see? How many mutilated, permanently crippled people did he see, including U.S. GIs, Asian soldiers, and Asian civilians? How many piles of slain bodies did he see? How many diseased, poverty-stricken, homeless people did he see? How many destroyed rice fields did he see? He, who has been trained in the fine points of killing, maiming, and destroying, and has been taught that the enumeration of the dead is a mark of achievement for a powerful nation, may find this situation good. We do not. In fact, we abhor and are ashamed of the U.S. barbaric attempt to get a permanent foothold in Asia where our military-industrial complex would have unlimited opportunity for peopleexploitation, natural resource-depletion, and economic control sustained by abuse of U.S. military-industrial power. We will not continue to furnish sons and money for fraudulent, criminal “defense” war schemes, of which the ABM and MIRV systems are the latest “defense” devices. Eula McNabb, 5521 Richmond Ave., Dallas, Tex. 75206. Dialogue