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Mrs. David Cohen of Austin recently wrote Gov. Preston Smith in protest of a set of personalized plates she had noticed: “THE JEW.” She found the plates potentially a religious slur. Her letter was forwarded to the Highway Dept., whose R. W. Townsley, director of the motor vehicle division, replied to Mrs. Cohen. The personalized plates were authorized a few years back by the Legislature as a means of raising additional money. The Highway Cmsn., Townsley advises, passed a regulation providing for issuance of the plates; one section of the regulation bans “obscene or objectionable words or initials.” Townsley goes on: “The question as to whether or not a license Rlate bearing the words ‘THE JEW’ is objectionable is, of couise, debatable. You have taken the position that this plate is objectionable because it is derogatory to a minority religious group. . . . With reference to the license plate ‘THE JEW,’ our examiner informs us that the applicant came into our office to apply for this plate stating that all his friends know him mostly by his nickname ‘THE JEW.’ It was under these conditions that our examiner could find nothing objectionable to the applicant’s request,” Townsley writes. “If we should recall this particular personalized plate and refuse to renew the plate for the vehicle owner for next year, it would seem that we would also be faced with a decision as to whether or not to refuse many other license plate combinations such as the following: ‘MRS. JEW \(Mrs. Jeanne JEW \(John E. HEY-JEW, GERMAN, KRAUT, GREEK, MESKIN, TEX MEX, SWEDE-1, A SWEDE, DUTCH, FRENCH, WOP, DAGO, LATIN, INDIAN, RED MAN, BOHUNK, CAJUN, KAJUN, CZECH, POLAK. “We have,” Townsley goes on, “been extremely careful to avoid the issuance of license plates bearing obscene words. We have, also, refused to approve a number of applications bearing words and combinations of letters that appear on their face to be objectionable; however, in view of the many other prestige license plates that might fall into the same category, we do not believe that we should recall and refuse to reissue the license plate in question. We hope that you can appreciate our position in this matter.” G.O. EL CHICO, Jr. Burnet Road & Hancock Dr., Austin Beer patio under the stars Fast service & carry-out Delicious Mexican food Dinners $1.15 to $1.45 An operation of R & I INVESTMENT CO. Austin, Texas Alan Reed, PreSident G. Brockett Irwin, Vice President