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City Zip pacifica Stree t a Pacifica Blows Its Cover Is Pacifica radio radical? No question of it. The word “radical” comes from the Latin root “radicis,” which means “root.” This is where our friend the radish got its name. The dictionary’s first definition of “radical” says: “of or from the root or roots; going to the center, foundation or source of something.” That’s an awfully good description of Pacifica and its FM radio stations that substitute listener subscriptions for commercials. Thus, Pacifica is free to broadcast what the other stations can’t, don’t or won’t, and that’s a lot. Getting to the root of things is the central work of Pacifica programming. That’s why you hear hungry people on our documentaries about hunger, communists on our broadcasts about communism, Klansmen on our programs about the Klan. Pacifica wants you to hear it all, and that means hearing voices which haven’t had a microphone yet. Some people get indigestion from this sort of thing. It happens with radishes, too. That’s why, whenever people call us a radical outfit, we say, right you are. Radical. Relevant. Exciting. Intelligent. Pacifica wants Houston to hear it all. If you’ve got the stomach for all the noises the world makes while it figures itself out, use the coupon below to reserve a charter subscription to America’s most honored experiment in public broadcasting. We’ll let you hear as soon as we can. MO SO MI OM OS MO all MN UM MOM OM WEB Ille NM MN MI Dear Pacifica MN NM I= I= NM NM OM MN OM MN Ma INII I= I’ll go along with this, because I think Houston could use a little Pacifica. If enough people like me pledge enough money for the FCC to approve Pacifica’s Houston station, you may bill me and I shall pay $15 for a one-year subscription to the programming. I understand I’ll then get the monthly program Folio for a year, and that my gift, when made, will be deductible when I do my federal income tax. Signature Name Adventurous Public Broadcasting 1200 Bissonnet, Houston 77005 INN IM NM NM NM =ow ….mm……mmoomm….11 The space for this advertisement was contributed by Bernard Rapoport, president of American Income Life Insurance Company, P. 0. Box 208, Waco, Texas 76703. Mr. Rapoport sent in his fifteen dollars way last June and has been so kind since that Pacifica considers him paid up until the middle of the twenty-ninth century.