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The Texas Observer The Texas Observer F.0..40 El Paso’s ‘Other America’ “A respected journal of dissent.”THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE, March 2, 1969 . that outpost of reason in the Southwest A journal of “considerable influence in Texas public life.”THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW, Oct. 22, 1967 Here’s how they refer to the The Texas Observer in other parts of the country: ‘The Texas Observer LOVE, DEATH, AND THE ASTRODOME ‘ The Texas Observer .._._ The Politics of HemisFoir- And of San Antonio The Texas Observer The Vietnam War’s Fall-out …”NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS, April 11, 1968 “No doubt the best political journal in the state.”THE REPORTER, Nov. 30, 1967 With “influence felt far beyond the state borders.”TI ME, Sept. 27, 1968 . . delights in exposing the peccadilloes of the Texas establishment . .”The PROGRESSIVE, November, 1968 “. . . that state’s only notable liberal publication …”THE WASHINGTON POST, Nov. 25, 1968 “The conscience of the political community in Texas . ..”THE NEW REPUBLIC, Nov. 20, 1965 “Copies find their way to the desks of the mighty and even into the White House.”ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, July 25, 1965 re. VI,. The Texas Observ e r November 22, 1963: The Case Is Not Closed The Texas Observer . What’s sto With . r rchron, ” ./.?. z:. RI. The Texas Observer The McCrocklin Dissertation Here’s how The Observer is usually identified when “the Texas Observer” “an Austin-based biweekly” “the ultra-liberal Texas Observer” “a small-circulation newspaper” And here, perhaps, is why: The Observer “voices dissent to almost every power bloc or politician of consequence in the state, from far left to far right. … Time and again since its first appearance in 1954, the Observer has cracked stories ignored by the state’s big dailies and has had the satisfaction of watching the papers follow its muckraking lead.”NEWSWEEK, March 7, 1966 But… a national reputation isn’t worth much unless it helps you, the occasional reader, decide that you need to be reading The Texas Observer regularly. If you share the disappointment of many citizens who feel that their daily newspapers don’t always provide adequate in-depth coverage of events and issues that matter, you should consider joining the community of Observer readersnow 10,000 strong in its 15th year. If, after a few issues, you feel that the Observer has not been faithful to its promiseto adhere to the traditions of responsible journalism in telling the truth about the mysteries and myths of Texas life and politics you may receive a full refund on your subscription; or merely tell us to cancel your bill. The Texas Observer Panhandle People Hear Of the Dump-LBJ Drive ;-:: The Texas Observer Close-ups of the Oil Industry May the Lobby Hold You In the Palm of Its Hand Read the Observer regularly. Subscribe for a friend. NI OM MN IN= Mall MIMI Ilel MIll im so mmusenousom mes sams. …seammil Enter 1-year subscriptions, at $6.24 each \(including 4% state [ ] send gift card announcement THE TEXAS OBSERVER 504 West 24th St. Austin, Texas 78705 k. street city street zip city state zip [ send gift card announcement [ remittance enclosed [ bill me