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Graham. That support alone was the winning factor in his race, and now the Baptists who went overboard for him tures of their hero approaching the parimutuel booth. What a shame! Mr. Nixon came out the other day for a fight on crime. He’s gonna see to it that men like Sheriff Bill Decker get everything that’s needed to solve the growing crime rate in Dallas County, Texas, and the nation. That’s a brave one. But that one didn’t take a decision. It’s good that there’s still a Democratic Congress on Capitol Hill. We’d be ruined, if all of his fantastic ideas became effective. I sincerely hope that my misgivings are wrong: I happen to be one of those Texans who believes that when we rejected Hubert Humphrey, America turned down a man of the caliber of the great Adlai Stevenson and President Johnson. I cannot agree with the Republican philosophy, but I can live with it. I cannot I will not protest like they’re doing all over America today. In less than four years I’ll have a chance at the polls again. Mr. Nixon will be a one-term president. By ELTON L. MILLER Mr. Miller is a long-time loyal Democrat who has worked for several Texas newspapers. Capital Graffiti In the US Senate cafeteria, at the bottom of a sheet detailing civil defense instructions, is penciled this addition: “PSGet in your car and follow the black limousines.” Anti-L. B. J. Buttons Political button collecting is one of America’s fastest growing new hobbies. For those interested in a fantastic segment of Political Americana, we have assembled a collection of buttons protesting the Administration of Lyndon Johnson. We have packaged six of the best, original buttons, in plastic display boxes for Observer readers. The quantity is limited, don’t be disappointed, order now! 1 set $3.00 2 sets $5.00 Refund If Not Fully Satisfied Be-In Buttons, Inc. 2310 S. Main Suite III Houston, Texas 77006 McMaster vows that the louder critics holler `witch hunt,’ the harder he is going to work on a grand jury probe of alleged illegal and immoral activities at the University of Houston. . . . a proposed court order drafted by the district attorney’s office … stated the investigation is of “alleged drug abuse, abnormal sex activities and subversive activities in connection with personnel employed by and attending the University of Houston.” “Everyone seems to think sex is the big thing in this, but it isn’t,” McMaster asserted. “It just happens that the sex angle has been given disproportionate attention.” Houston Chronicle, May 1, 1969. Asked whether he would emphasize justice or law and order, [Governor] Smith said there is “little relationship between them.” Houston Post, August 24, 1968. Education Commissioner J. W. Edgar told the Board [of Education] most authors object to signing the [non-subversive] oath because of “academic freedom and so forth.” San Antonio Express, May 6, 1969. Police are concentrating intelligence activities heavily on racial matters these days. Houston police are similarly occupied. “Since 1965, we haven’t put as much effort into criminal. investigation because of this racial thing,” says Lt. M. L. Singleton, who heads the intelligence unit. “Around here, we’re known as the men from the CIA.” One member of Houston’s undercover unit, Patrolman Lin Fowler, went underground for 18 months in an investigation of the Houston Committee to End the War in Vietnam. … Since then, Mr. Fowler has turned to “uncovering Socialists, pacifists and do-gooders in the civil rights movement.” … He says the “tip-off” that communist influence is involved comes when someone “talks about social change.” Wall Street Journal, September, 1968. We know where they’re from; and where they are. Where are you? A Communication Dallas The other day President Nixon went to the races, the first president in history to attend the Kentucky Derby. And he bet on the winner. That was to my knowledge the second or perhaps the third decision he has had to make since he took over the office say 100 days ago. Seems like we celebrated his First 100 Days on TV the other day. First, he made the decision on the ABM. Anti-ballistic missile. It was a middle-of-the-road decision, more or less, but it has some “ifs” and “ands” about it that is displeasing to the doves. And the hawks. Then he decided to slap down some of President Johnston’s budget, the one that Lyndon left behind when he retreated to his dear, old Texas home. Amazing as it is, most of the slap-downs have been to Democratic projects, things like the 0E0 and the Texas air bases and a San Marcos fish hatchery that LBJ hoped to get underway before the GOP knife got sharp. Nixon’s going slow these first 100 days, to be sure, but we’re patient. We just know that when it all is placed on the drying rack, it’ll be a true Republican administration. Just like it was when Herb Hoover took over the domicile on Pennsylvania Ave. Just like it was when General Eisenhower became master of Capitol Hill. A GOP administration means emphasis on the material things of life and less emphasis on the human element such as poverty and old age. It means a recession at least, a depression probably. Oh, yes, Dick is the all-American; the champion who had the support of Billy 18 The Texas Observer Nixon’s First Hundred Days Every man’s right to be his own man in a free self-governing societythis is the gift of freedomand this is the aim of the American Civil Liberties Union. JOIN TODAY r TEXAS CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION 1205-B East 11th Street Austin, Texas 78702 Cooperating Member $50 Sustaining Member $25 Supporting Member $15 Contributing Member $10 NAME ADDRESS CITY STATE