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It’s called a tape editor, and it’s what radio and television stations use to cut out ideas which might offend you or get them in trouble or mess up their precious time schedules. In Houston today, dozens of people are at work to build an FM radio station where the tape editors can rust. It will be owned by Pacifica Foundation, whose listener-sponsored stations in Berkeley, Los Angeles and New York offer a hearing to new ideas of every kind, and do it without worrying about offending you or getting themsebies into trouble. What Pacifica does worry about is the power of the mass media to edit, distort and tamper with the freedom of speech, a freedom worth little today unless those who venture beyond the conventional wisdom have something more than a soapbox to speak from. When Pacifica goes on the air in Houston in early 1969, it will try to talk across all kinds of demarcations, real and imaginary. Across color lines and railroad tracks and generation gaps. On Pacifica stations you hear news treated in an altogether rare fashionseriously and at length, read in quiet voices which pass on the contradictions instead of relieving you of having to make up your mind. You hear children’s programs produced by children, and by grownups who think a good story beats a pageant of animated violence. You hear music it’s hard to find on other stations. In Houston that means a big helping of opera, live folk music shows, kind consideration to jazz. And plays. Everything Shakespeare wrote, as well as plays by people you never heard of, because they live in the Fifth Ward and no one has ever produced their work. Pacifica radio works because in each of the cities it serves there are thousands of people who pay to listen to what they might hear for freea conscientious segment of the audience, people Pacifica calls its subscribers. The regular subscription rate is fifteen tax-deductible dollars a year. Students and retired persons may subscribe for ten. The station’s listener-sponsors will receive a monthly magazine called The Folio, an hour-by-hour guide to the programs. You can help to insure the excellence of this venture in community broadcasting by subscribing to it now, before it is on the air. Until technical construction begins early next year, your subscription money will be held in an escrow account at The Texas National Bank of Commerce. The coupon below is the modern method of supporting free speech in Texas. Pacifica 1200 Bissonnet Houston, Tex. 77005 Enter my charter subscription. I understand that will receive the Pacifica Folio each month. $15 enclosedtax deductible. Payable Pacifica-Houston. $10 enclosed. Student-retired rate. Name Address Phone . I City Zip code So that we may program for your interest and convenience: Occupation L. nommen. amelmm mom Immo.. manna. memo amlimer numeral. .rammou armmin I Program interests