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fnkfikftiklitfkkthfkkOfa iVMttSMM VMtik titt tit**CiWtei* kVMttik kOfkktNfitikef* 71te Olnetvet as a etaistnotas The holiday season, with its commercialism, brings mixed feelings to most of us; but for many readers in past years the Observer has been a way of entering into the spirit of the season while at the same time doing something real about gift-giving. If, among your friends, there are those you wish were reading the Observer regularly, this is a good time to introduce them to it inexpensively, because of the reduced rates for multiple orders. $6 for the first gift $5 for a second gift $4 for a third gift $3 for each additional gift Each recipient will be sent a colorful and newly designed greeting The postage-paid envelope included with this issue card, to announce your gift. The card, which features a Ward provides spaces for entering your order. You may enclose Lockwood illustration from Roy Bedichek’s ADVENTURES WITH payment with your order or be billed in January, as you A TEXAS NATURALIST, will be handsigned in your name; or, if prefer. Gift subscriptions will begin with the issue of you so specify, it can be sent to you, for you to sign and deliver \(or December 13th, unless you specify otherwise. You may want to consider adding a library subscription to your gift list, while these reduced rates are in effect. If you have no particular library in mind the Observer will select one from among those not presently subscribing. Special Rates for Gift Subscriptions The Observer is thus a reasonably-priced and considerable gift for valued friends, as well as for acquaintances and others whom you might not ordinarily begift at Christmastime. Your own subscription may be renewed at these same rates. Send Gift Subscriptions to: Send Gift Subscriptions to: street street city state zip city state zip Sign gift card from Sign gift card from street street city state zip city state zip Sign gift card froM Sign gift card from Your Name Shall we enter or extend yes One your own subscription? Check enclosed City, State Zip To be billed in January. niIMPAtVAIWRWIMPADV IAWMODWMADVAWAttl i ftWalteMPAVIPAWADV IMM; Street