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r [Talog:e `A Lesser Evil Is Still Evil’ I see that people are writing to say they have considered planned, contemplated \(there is always some reference to a cerebral function, strange as that may your worthy sheet on account of the question came up, can real people go on getting it in the ass from the Pillars of Democracy a la Chicago? Should we get back on our feet, rebutton our fly and join hands with Lyndon? To do otherwise is foolishsurelyof course, the people who say that we’re the ones on top, no? But what I am wondering is whether these folks with the toothpaste grins would have considered cancelling their subs if the question hadn’t come up? Would they be happier if everyone smiled when a convention is raped. Surely, surely, it is all for the best and, as Dr. McCleskey proved [Obs., Sept. 20], impeccably something or other. Then there is the question: if these chronically rational good’ folk had become radicalized and had chosen not to work within the system, and had dropped out of your Observer sub list, where would they have gone, Back into the good grey woumb of the much-to-be-praised lesser evil? In the half-light of such splendid rags as the local Avalanche-Urinal? It may not seem evil at all, what? Very comfortable, and we are the party of the comfortable, right? Goddammit, for all your well-nourished smiles, a lesser evil is still an evil. And people willing to smile at it, what are they? Loyal Democrats? Tom Halliburton, 2818 61st St., Lubbock, Tex. Get Off Our High Horses We liberals are just going to have to get off our high horses and make what seems like a distasteful choicewe must get out and actively support and vote for 16 The Texas Observer Humphrey-Muskie. The most important issue will soon become social reform. We should recall that the president greatly affects our other branches of government. If for no other reason, we must get Humphrey into the White House because of the Supreme Court. Two or three new appointments will be made within the next four years which means Nixon will be able to appoint enough men to represent the views we have all spent so much time fighting against. . . . Cindy Lockhart, Rt. 4, Box 555-1, Huntsville, Tex. 77340. Shortsighted and Mistaken [R.D.’s] painful decision \(Obs., to vote for Humphrey is a shortsighted and mistaken attempt to come to terms with this election year. Those of us with an interest in nonviolent change in America must think and act with an eye beyond the immediate present. . . . Your Humphrey statement suffers from dependence on the “Yeah, but look at the other guy” argument. . . . Our protest, whether in the form of a no-vote or a fourth party ballot, is grounded precisely in the fact that we are offered two candidates who neither have the answers nor ask the pertinent questions.. . . You further suggest that one TV broadcast somehow erases your earlier considerations \(Obs., phrey’s Vietnam statement differed very little from present policy and more importantly demonstrated no realization of the general problem of the militarization of the decision-making process. Finally, you employ the “scare” argumentthe threat of a right-wing repression of dissent. But if we vote on this basis we virtually assure continuance of the present power pattern. If Democratic officials know that people on the left can be stampeded to their man by a fear of the right, what incentive would there ever be to choose candidates of a different persuasion? Our votes, reluctant or enthusiastic, would bolster the same groups that picked this year’s standard bearers. . . . Ron Nelson, Apartado Aereo 547, Pasto, Narino, Colombia, South America. Won’t Vote for President . . . Two of the candidates for president indicate they would escalate the Vietnam war, and one indicates he would go along with the present war policy. In view of these facts I feel at this time that I will not vote for a president this year. I have been voting for over 45 years, and usually the Democratic ticket. . . . . . . We spend billions fighting other countries’ wars and sticking our noses into their business while millions of Ameri can citizens go to bed not properly fed and in need of shelter and medical attention. . . . I think all the Vietnamese should have the right to determine their own future without outside military interference. I think we should let the Vietnamese fight their own civil war, which has been going on for more than 22 years, and bring our boys home now. W. L. Willoby, 5618 Leeland, Houston, Tex. 77023. A Proven Liberal . . . I am glad to see that Ronnie Dugger has finally emerged from the fetal position and realized \(Obs., it is a choice between Humphrey, Nixon and Wallace…. [The] behavior of liberals since the convention has been irresponsible. Since the latter campaigns of FDR eve have never had a candidate for president xvith a better record \(not a set of plishments than Humphrey. I am hopeful that others will follow the lead of Dugger. Jerry B. Michel, Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Tex. 76129. Congratulations and Correction I thought Kaye Northcott’s survey of the governor’s race in the Oct. 18 edition was excellentinteresting, inclusive and jective. A factual error in Political Intelligence, bottom of middle column on page 4: Former Governor Shivers did not attend the Chicago convention to which he was a delegate. Weldon Hart, 302 Vaughn Bldg., Austin, Tex. 78701. STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP MANAGEMENT AND CIRCULATION \(Act of October 23. 1962; Section 4369, Publisher: File Iwo copies of this form with your postmaster. 1.Date of filing: Sept. 30.1968. 2.Title of publication: The Texas Observer. 3.Frequency of issue: Fortnightly. 4.West 24th St.. Austin. Travis County, Texas 78705. 5.Location of the headquarters or general business offices of the publishers \(not 6.Names and addresses of publisher, editor and managing editor: Publisher \(name name name 7.Owner \(If owned by a corporation. its name and address most be stated and also immediately thereunder the names and addresses of stockholders owning or holding I percent or more of total amount of stock. If now owned by a corporation, the names and addresses of the tnthvidual owners must be given. If owned by partnership or other unincorporated firm. Its manse and address, as well as that of each individual 0. Known bondholders. mortgagees and other sesmrity holders owning or holding I percent or mote of total amount of bonds, mortgages or other securities \(If there are 9.For completion by nonprofit organizations authorized to mail at special rates 10.Extent and nature of citculadion A.Total No. comes printed \(net press s 7,856 8.500 B.Paid circulation I. Sales through deafen and cattier,. street vendors and counter sales 484 600 2. Mail subscriptions 6.655 7,054 C.Total paid circulation 7.139 7,654 D.Free distribution by mad. carrier. or other means 264 270 E.Total distribution \(rum of C and Di 7,403 7.924 F.Oftwe use, let t-over, unaccounted, spoiled after printing 453 576 G.Total \(suns of E and should equal net press run shown to A 7,856 8.5110 I certify that the statements made by mt. above ore correct and complete. Signed: Greg Olds POD Form 3526 May 1968 Average Number Copies Each Single lame Imre During Nearest tr/roula Ft!