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1607 SAN JACINTO AUSTIN 5 P.M. TO ? for Larry L. King’s What The Critics Say of This Book and Its Author: “One of the most engaging essay collections to appear in seasons” Washington Sunday Star “Whimsical, hilarious”Beaumont Journal “Every page is enormously entertaining and the book is almost impossible to set aside”Des Moines Register “King is sharp, witty, original contemporary commentator” San Francisco Chronicle “Excellent company”Nashville Banner “Good writing. . . Good reading as well”Richmond News -Leader “Shrewd and engaging examples of popular article writing at its best”New York Times “Should be worth more to aspirants and professionals alike than an expensive session at a summer writers’ conference”Book Week “Virtually un-put-downable” Wilmington News “Brilliant” Chicago Daily News “King has the best sense of humor that has graced American prose in many years” Sarasota Herald -Tribune “It is a vile and filthy book” The Author’s Mother ever. The immoral war in Vietnam and the reaction of American political institutions to it are the paramount moral questions of our generation. The only moral vote on Nov. 5 is no vote. Stanley A. Cook, Box 93, 31 McAlester Dr., New Orleans, La. 70118. A Reply to McCleskey In reply to Dr. McCleskey’s article lobs., Sept. 20]: [I doubt that the Democratic party does, as Dr. McCleskey contends, offer the better prosect for realizing the goals of liberalism] . . . [W]ith about $30 billion a year flowing into “defense” spending for the war in Vetnam, the Democratically dominated congress was not interested in maintaining or increasing its dollar interest in the war on poverty. What good does it do to talk about a Marshall plan for the cities, as Vice President does, when there is little or no money available for this? . . . Dr. McCleskey refers to the results of the Democratic primaries as “confused and contradictory.” I do know that in all states holding primaries where Vice President Humphrey’s people spent money on his behalf he lost. . . . Dr. McCleskey argues that reasonable men can disagree about policies in Vietnam. This is true, but it says nothing to refute the argument of those of us who say that until a rational and humane solution is worked out in Vietnam no president, regardless of his domestic aspirations, will be able to fulfill his obligations to the people of our ghettoes. Dr. McCleskey admonishes us not to “lose sight of ultimate goals and fundamental values.” I fully agree. This is the precise reason why it will be exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, for those of us terribly concerned about our country’s plight, to vote for Mr. Humphrey. I will never vote for Mr. Nixon; yet the prospects of affirming the power structure of the present Democratic party leaves me rather cold. Philip Lee Fetzer, 1200 E. Seminary, Apt. 533B, Fort Worth, Tex. 76115. HHH Deserves Support . . . I believe the best chance for all Americans lies with the support and election of Hubert Humphrey and the Democratic party platform and program. Among the many qualities which compelled me to support Robert F. Kennedy as the best man for the presidency were his forthrightness in meeting the issues and his sense of the long view in accomplishing meaningful chances which would shape a new and better world for all men. I believe there is little doubt that Hubert Humphrey and Edmund Muskie are close to his position and deserving of support in this crucial year. . . . James M. Rhodes, 3418 0 St., NW, Washington, DC 20007. October 18, 1968 15 “I am not responsible for debts incurred by persons other than myself”Larry L. King Texas Observer Autograph Party SATURDAY OCTOBER 19 …alido4kaidsiwa4arikas Meet your friends and the writer the Chicago Sun -Times has called “One of the best writing men in the land” in a convivial atmosphere at Scholz in Austin. The Texas Observer will be selling “… .AND OTHER DIRTY STORIES” or you may bring your own copy in to be authographed by Larry L. King. If you can’t make the party, the book may be purchased or ordered by mail from the Observer Bookstore, 504 West 24th; Austin. GR 7-0746. $5.50 plus tax.