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MARTIN ELFANT Sun Life of Canada 1001 Century Building Houston, Texas CA 4-0686 z :1111. NI t r 11 111 1′ Illp FUTURA PRESS AREA 512/4427836 1714 SOUTH CONGRESS P. 0. BOX 3485 AUSTIN, TEXAS 78704 , Sin, St ticen Wiirl. Pr:n[111i Nii\\ h td!.2C, N. Ad \\ \(-tt \(..11npdiir.iii it I Olt C d Dialogue Support for Humphrey The McCleskey Article Hurrah for Clifton McCleskey’s piece in the Sept. Observer! As one who has been a “liberal” since the early New Deal days of FDR, and helped in a modest way in seed money for the Observer, I have been disappointed at the dream world of the present editors. They completely ignore the reality of choice for the next four long, dangerous years: HumphreyMuskie or Nixon-Agnew; HumphreyMuskie or Wallace. . . . Paul Daugherty, 2727 Kirby Dr., Houston, Tex. 77006. Agreement G.O.’s last two columns were sensible and sensitive, and I share his agony. Viewing the past four years with a president and the awful choice in November, I suggest as a fourth place on the ballot: Leave the office vacant. Jesse H. Oppenheimer, 1540 Milam Bldg., San Antonio, Tex. 78205. Disillusionment I wish to express a vigorous Amen to Clifton McClesky’s essay in support of Humphrey \(Obs., charitable thing that can be said for a liberal who would prefer Nixon to Hum 14 The Texas Observer phrey or even remain indifferent is that his reasoning is tortured. Many liberals are becoming disillusioned with the Observer. Joseph L. Nogee, 8735 Link Terrace, Houston, Tex. 77025. Tell It Like It Is When Harry Truman advised Hubert Humphrey to “just tell the truth” at their recent conference, Harry put his finger on the cancer that is destroying this countryand incidentally on the cause for the criticism now being heaped on Dugger, Olds and The Texas Observer. Dugger, Olds and The Texas Observer tell it like it is! The American people have accepted lies from our leaders as we have accepted violence. Now some people have begun to challenge those who challenge the liar To the discredit of the memory of the beloved Adlai Stevenson, he did not respond to conscientious friends who imrather than be used to spread the lies of Eisenhower, LBJ and the State Department, and there is reason to believe that the poison of this deceit, so contrary to the nature of this great man, hastened his untimely death September 1968 Esquire”The Last 170 Days of Adlai Stevenson.” That Hubert Humphrey can acquiesce to statements he is bound to know are not true \(and to do so with such gusto, weakness in character that Dugger, Olds and The Texas Observer cannot condone. More power to them! They are the real patriots who are trying to restore confidence to this once great nation which we have lost both at home and all over the world. And, all the blabmouths can indulge themselves about Law and Order, but until we restore integrity to this nation we are going to have rebellion because there are enough people with character to rebel. Cordye Hall, 5835 Ellsworth, Dallas, Tex. Support HHH I am disappointed in your failure to back H. H. Humphrey with all you have, inasmuch as we knew the Texas office holders since Allen Shivers days would not. We have too many leaders in the Texas Democrats who are halfbreeds who vote Republican [in the fall] or else are now going for George Wallace. We have a long record of what HHH stands for; he has principles and the guts enough to stand up for them. I hope to live to see the real Democrats find their place in Texas. G. G. Skelton, Hughes Springs, Tex. 75656. Little Texas on the Hudson Just a note to tell you all I am flat recovered from my homesickness, now that the election is grinding along. Never felt so much at home since I hit New York. All the liberals I know are outraged at the choice awaiting them in the voting booth come November. Some may not vote at all. Others say they’ll vote for Paul O’Dwyer and the hell with everyone else. Paul O’Dwyer won the Democratic Senate nomination with a straight peace appeal, clobbering a Johnson goon and a screaming Super Hawk. O’Dwyer is plainly far removed from anything that comes to the surface in Texas politics. Otherwise the city’s so much like Texas I’m thinking of movingto Canada, say. Also people are afflicted with a malaise similar to what set in after every Texas primary. I haven’t seen many campaign buttons. Last spring, they blossomed on every lapelMcCarthy Kennedy, Rocky, Nixon’s the One, HHH, The People Against Humphrey. Only see O’-Dwyer now. If HHH wins by 87 votes discovered un The honor of your presence is cordially requested at a week-long conference for the formation of STUDENTS FOR AN UNDERWATER SOCIETY Eastwoods Park, 6 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 6 Austin through 6 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 13 SUDS Board of Allegiance “The untethered mind is the revel’s workshop.”