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BUMPERSTRIPS: 40\(16ci INCt i o:c09 \(\\1 1 for 25c; 5 for $1; 100 for $10; 1,000 for $50. NEW PARTY OF TEXAS Box 876 Austin 78767 THE HOUSTON POST SATURDAY, AUGUST 24, 1968 SECTION I, PAGE 19 Asked whether he would emphasize justice or law and order, [Gubernatorial candidate Preston] Smith said there is “little relationship between them.” Write The Rebuilding Committee, 901 Littlefield Bldg, Austin, Texas 78701 or call collect Area Code 512 GR 26733 for reprints and other material. THE REBUILDING COMMITTEE 901 Littlefield Bldg. Austin, Texas 78701 They are in effect organizing to work in some local elections and to create a fourth-party tramework for future use. The New party group meeting in Austin resolved to carry out a write-in for McCarthy in Texas. At Their Ranches The country is fixed in a shudder that can readily become, after the November election, the worst period of reaction since the anti-union and Joe McCarthy periods, which ran together from 1946 through 1954. Johnson and Connally can really be proud of themselves. To head off the courageous cadidates for the Democratic nomination who criticized the immoral war in Vietnam, the two lame ducks shoved through the nomination of Humphrey. Now, Johnson undercuts every timorous attempt by Humphrey to hint he might change course on the war, while Connally deliberately snubs the man he helped nominate, failing to show up’ for Humphrey in Houston on grounds that he was busy at his ranch. They have set the country up for a Nixon victory and evidently they could give less of a damn. “Meanwhile, elsewhere in the nation,” as they say on the radio, Spiro Agnew, the jerk Nixon picked for his vice presidential candidate, has called Humphrey “soft on communism” and another Neville Chamberlain who wants “peace at any price.” Spiro said this about Humphrey. Mayor Daley, linked now in the public mind with Connally as the political boss in the worst sense, also jammed through his delegation for Humphrey. And what is he doing for Humphrey? He’s accusing the demonstrators at Chicago of being led by. communists. George Wallace hasn’t asked Mayor Daley to be his Cook county manager, but he hardly needs to. Wallace is gaining strength in this demoralized situation. The most effective racist in modern American politics, Wallace is trying to gather to himself all the hate stored up in anybody white anywhere. He is telling people that a cop who mashes in a dirty hippie’s head is a good cop, and he is telling them he’ll run over the first anarchist who lies down in front of his car. And what, back at their ranches, are Johnson and Connally doing? Johnson is refraining from partisan activity, as the saying goes, but maybe this makes sense, since he couldn’t even go to the Chicago convention for fear he’d be boed. Connally is sidestepping cow-pies in his pasture, or doing somethinganything. They have really left us in a mess. Personal Service Quality Insurance Alice Anderson”Bow” Williams INSURANCE & REAL ESTATE 808A E. 46th, Austin, Texas 465-6577 On Courage Senator Yarborough introduced Sen. Eugene McCarthy at Midway airport in Chicago Aug. 25, just before the recent Democratic convention. Yarborough spoke of McCarthy’s courage, andwe have just noted, from a text of the occasionMcCarthy responded: “Thank you very much, my colleague of the Senate, Ralph Yarborough of Texas, for coming here to introduce me today. He can speak of my courage; but here is a man who has stood up to Allan Shivers, John Connally and Lyndon Johnson. So that something of what is called courage in my case is borrowed from the example of Ralph Yarborough of Texas.” Human Beings The spirit of separatism which has been growing among the minorities the last few years first made its appearance in Texas politics when the four-part Democratic Coalition of the early 1960’s composed its 100-member steering committee by assigning 25 places to each of the three main ethnic groups and the remaining 25 to labor. The New Democratic Coalition, formed in Austin last weekend, assigned its offices in equal numbers to the same three ethnic groups and to a fourth group, the young people under 27. \(Interesting, in passing, is it not, that labor has been replaced by the McCarthy kids in the major groupings of Whites have led movements in the South so long, including political reform movements,, they assume they have a right to do so, impose their ideas of leaders’ qualifications on the minorities, and take over and run things without even realizing that they are doing it. Blacks and Mexican-Americans are sick of this, as well they should be. To stop it, they have worked out this idea of equal shares in the leadership posts. There is a rough kind of equity to it, although obviously it rip-saws other considerations:. I am inclined to think that if the four groups can sit down long enough together, they can work out a better method for correcting the whites’ presumption about leading, but in any event it is necessary September 20, 1968 13 4