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camera or if it was carrying a weaptin,” Dawson said. There was testimony that Rangers held two union people several inches from the side of a moving train; this the Rangers denied. Testimony that a staffer on a union periodical had a Ranger car door slammed on his leg was admitted by a Ranger, who said, however, that it was accidental. A 21-year-old University of Texas student, Alex Moreno, testified that Allee, without warning, jabbed him in his ribs with a shotgun barrel; Allee denied it. THROUGHOUT, t h e Rangers and the local lawmen said they had nothing against the strikers and did not care how long they struck or picketed as long as they were peaceful and lawful. Dixie contended laws used against the strikers are unconstitutional on their face or in application and seeks to have them invalidated \( this is why three judges, rather Jim Rochester, the foreman at La Casita \(and also a special deputy sheriff of Starr county who acknowledged he arrested one of the strikers in that latter capacussed the strike at all. They’d just shake hands and chat about other matters. “For instance,” the transcript shows that Rochester testified, “one of the Rangers came by and asked me one day if knew anyone who would be interested in buying a horse trailer. Things like that.” Dixie: “Did he have one to sell?” Rochester: “Yes.” Judge Brown: “That’s what got the Liquor Control people in trouble, wasn’t it? Started selling trailers?” Dixie: “And you give the Rangers a few courtesy boxes of fruit, don’t you? You have?” Rochester: “The Rangers among. probably 150 other people.” Dixie: “You have?” Rochester: “Yes. I do that every year more or less as an advertisement program.” Dixie: “I see. What kind of fruits have you given them?” Rochester: “Melons.” Gary Gurwitz, attorney for the growers: “Your Honor, if I may state for the record, I believe we gave them to about ten or twelve Houston judges last year when they came down to the judicial conference.” Rochester: “That’s correct.” Judge Brown: “Everybody.” R.D. $$$$ in the Governor’s Race Austin Each candidate for the governor’s race was required by law to file with the secretary of state a record of his contributions received and money spent during the campaign. Due to the porous nature of the statute requiring these financial records the reports are generally considered only partial reflections of each candidate’s spending and income. The Austin rule of thumb holds that about one-third or so of such financial activity is reflected in such reports. With this in mind, then, the Observer here lists contributions of $500 and more that each of the 13 candidates reported. Democrats Preston Smith In the second primary, Preston Smith received $436,106.04 in contributions, while $385,538.45 in the first primary. He received no loans in the second primary and one for $32,500 in the first. Second Primary $1,000 or more: R. Briggs, San Antonio, 1,000; H. Oppenheimer, San Antonio, 1,000; 5. Redmon, Dallas, 1,000; F. Connally, Waco, 1,000; R. Johnson, Austin, 1,000; G. Neilson, Austin, 1,000; R. Cargill, Longview, 2,405.35; P. Cole, Houston, 1,500; C. Leisk, Richmond, 1,500; R. Shepherd, Jr., Houston, 1,500; A. Temple, Jr., Diboll, 1,000; W. Garwood, Austin, 1,000; R. Lowe Estate, Midland, 1,000; H. Coleman, Waco, 1,250; T. O’Connor, Jr., Victoria, 1,000; J. Stemmons and L. Storey, Dallas, 2,000; B. Vaughn, Jr., Corpus Christi, 1,000; P. Issac, Lake Jackson, 1,000; H. Meley and T. Price, Austin, 2,000; J. Hansen, trustee, Midland, 5,000; T. Solomon, McComb, Miss., 1,000; T. Post, Dallas, 2,500; J. Roach, Dallas, 3,000; W. Day, Jr., Austin, 1,000; R. Gilster, Victoria, 1,000; W. Gunn, Amarillo, 1,000; J. Irion, Beaumont, 1,000; F. Heldenfels, Corpus Christi, 1,000; G. Warren, Corpus Christi, 1,000; A. Morgan, Corpus Christi, 1,000; E. Heyser, Jr., Dallas, 1,000; J. Humphrey, Dallas, 1,000; W. Bankstron, Dallas, 1,000; R. Foree, Dallas, 1,000; M. Purnell, Dallas, 1,000; J. Hill, Dallas, 1,000; C. Green, Dallas, 1,000; R. Venable, Dallas, 1,000; E. Wilson, Dallas, 1,000; A. Meadows, Dallas, 3,000; M. Thomas, Dallas, 1,000; J. Redditt, Lufkin, 1,000; CITIGO, D. Lawson, trustee, Dallas, 15,000; R. Stewart, III, trustee, Dallas, 1,000; R. Blumberg, Seguin, 1,000; A. Wayne, Jr., Arlington, 1,000; J. Abdnor, Dallas, 1,000; R. Williams, Victoria, 1,000; J. Frost, San Antonio, 8 The Texas Observer 2,000; C. Sapp, Houston, 2,500; R. Mcdermott, Houston, 5,000; M. Winters, Johnson City, 1,000; J. Fulton, Lubbock, 1,000; L. Prokep and J. Philips, Houston, 1,500; M. Leggett and L. Prokep, trustees, Houston, 5.625; F. Rooke, Woodsboro, 1,750; T. Beasley, Dallas, 1,000; L. Pearce, Jr., Houston, 1,000; W. Wise, Tyler, 1,500; I. Arnold, Houston, 2500; R. Cullen, Houston, 1,500; H. Newton, Graham, 1,500; S. Blackney and W. Snellgrove, Fort Worth, 500; G. Edwards, trustee, Amarillo, 1,000; A. Verner, trustee, Lubbock, 1,000; J. Aston, trustee, Dallas, 1,000; . L. Wilernon, trustee, Fort Worth, 1,000; S. Young, Jr., trustee, El Paso, 1,000; G. McCaskill, trustee, Andrews, 1,000; C. Smith, trustee, Wylie, 1,000; R. Smith, trustee, Killeen, 1,000; J. Bain, trustee, Stockdale, 1,000; C. Parker, trustee, Taylor, 1,000; S. Dorvandt, trustee, Conroe, 1,000; W. Mischer, trustee, Houston, 1,000; C. Long, Houston, 1,500; J. Greer, Houston, 1,500; W. James, Austin, 1,000; A. Ginsburg, Fort Worth, 1,000; E. Kenedy, Sarita, 1,000; D. O’Connor, Victoria, 2,500; T. Kniff, Sinton, 1,000; R. Fulton, Lubbock, 2,000; B. Garnett, Corpus Christi, 2,000; C. Marsh, II, Midland, 1,000; H. Robinson, Jr., Houston, 1,000; F. Walsh, Fort Worth, 1,000; B. Norris and C. Christner, Austin, 1,625; R. Day, trustee, Garland, 1,000; R. Martin, Lubbock, 1,000; B. Britain, Amarillo, 3,500; H. Butt, Corpus Christi, 1,000; J. Crowe, Corpus Christi, 1,000. $5014999: San Antonio Bottler’s Club, L. Neal, trustee. San Antonio, 750; H. Zachary, San Antonio, -800; H. Schulte, Mexia, 535.80; H. Smith, Marlin, 573; L. Olson, Waco, 600; H. Shulte, Mexia, 535.80; W. Whitehead, Kirbyville, 600; W. Hill, Dallas, 775; J. Abrams, El Paso, 625 H. Head, Corpus Christi, 850; G. Byrne, Marshall, 535; G. Hawn, Corpus Christi, 750; R. Cauble, Denton, 750; R. Baker, Jr., Houston, 750. $500: F. Shield, San Antonio; C. Morton, San Antonio; H. and N. Club, L. Neal, trustee, San Antonio; A. Hope, San Antonio; C. Butt, San Antonio; M. McCombs Enterpr., L. Neal, trustee, San Antonio; R. Fair, San Antonio; V. Taylor, San Antonio; J. Gorman, San Antonio; G. Coates, San Antonio; T. Lowrance, San Antonio; E. Burke, Jr., San Antonio; C. McGaha, Wichita Falls; L. French, Jr., Odessa; M. Harvey, Tyler; M. Watson, Mart; F. Edmondson, Dallas; A. Hill, Dallas; H. Neuhoff, Jr., Dallas; 5. Neuhoff, Dallas; J. Jonsson, Dallas; M. Moses, Dallas; C. Moore, Jr., Dallas, 500; W. Clements, Jr., Dallas; P. Overton, Austin; T. Miller, Jr., Austin; E. Morrison, Austin; H. Leonard, Austin; E. Jackson, Austin; K. McAdams, Austin; W. Yeager, Midland; A. Stokes, Houston; W. Tinsley, Dallas; C. Coates, Houston; N. Hunt, Dallas; E. Gardner, Houston; W. Jones, Jr., Kermit; C. Melan, Victoria; W. Welder, Victoria; L. Welder, Victoria; T. O’Connor, Jr., Victoria; M. Jackson, Dallas; E. Hollandsworth, Longview; R. Cravens, Houston; P. Simmons, Dallas; P. Kayser, Houston; R. Holliday, Houston; R. Stewart, Houston; B. Pa tillo, Houston; Amer. Bk. of Com., R. Cates, trustee, Victoria; S. Whittenburg, Amarillo; B. Britain, Amarillo; A. Powell, Amarillo; I. Dement, Amarillo; S. Ferguson, Jr., Dallas; P. Ryan, Dal las; H. Heldenfels, Corpus Christi; J. Sexton, Dallas; J. Neuhoff, Dallas; L. Burch, Jr., Dallas; F.Alford, Jr., Dallas; J. Dahlstrom, Dallas; J. Kadane, Dallas; J. Youngblood, Dallas; C. Bennett, Dallas; M. Marr, Dallas; J. Hill, Dallas; J. Pew, Dallas; J. Gillen, Dallas; W. Pickens, DallasT M. Wood, Dallas; D. Forbes, Dallas; R. Bond, Dallas; E. Constantin, Jr., Dallas; W. Peavy, Dallas; C. Wheeler, Dallas; D. Byard, Dallas; J. Jackson, Dallas; R. Vial, Dallas; J. Greenfield, Houston; M. Killian, San Antonio; R. Rash, Monahans; J. Wortham, Houston; C. Prothro, Wichita Falls; H. Dewar, San Antonio; T. Steele, Houston; H. Coffield, Rockdale; J. Abdnor, Dallas; V. Frost, Houston; M. Brachman, Dallas; K. Bentsen, Houston; Tom Sealy, Midland; W. Allan, San Antonio; C. Weldon, Corpus Christi; R. Sallee, Corpus Christi; B. Moore, Corpus Christi; P. White, Houston; L. O’Donnell and W. O’Donnell; K. Hubert, Bellaire; H. Crosswell, Houston; R. Dixon, Austin; D. Bintliff, Houston; G. Nees, Houston; D. Henry, trustee, Odessa; M. Cox, Gay Hill; F. West, Lubbock; E. Shouse, Houston; C. Frost, Houston; L. Davis, Dallas; R. Buck, Fort Worth. First Primary $1,000 or more: W. Day, Jr., Austin, 1,000; E. Gammage, Houston, 1,000; H. English, Dallas, 1,000; M. DeBusk; Dallas, 1,000; A. Alkek, Houston, 1,000; I. Arnold, Houston, 1,500; C. Brown, Jr., Houston, 1,000; J. Butler, Houston, 1,000; E. Coulson, Houston, 1,000; G. Cox, Houston, 1,000; M. Cochran, Houston, 1,000; D. Demopulos, Houston, 1,125; H. Drews, Houston, 1,000; K. Fogg, Houston, 1,000; L. Johnson, Houston, 1,000; B. Johnson, Houston, 1,000; V. Kickerillo, Houston, 1,000; R. Lanier, Houston, 1,000; H. Lott, Houston, 1,000; S. Morris, Houston, 1,000; T. Morrow, Houston, 1,000; R. Nesmith, Houston, 1,000; J. Phillips, Houston, 1,000; C. Parker, Houston, 1,000; R. Reid, Houston, 5,000; P. Rutherford, Houston, 2,500; L. Rauch, Houston, 1,500; W. Sellers, Houston, 1,000; T. Watson, Houston, 1,000; R. Wilkinson, Houston, 1,000; C. Alcorn, Houston, 1,105; Preston Smith for Gov. Comm., 5,640; Fund Raising Dinner for P. Smith, Whitney, 1,099.27; T. Maes II, Beaumont, 3,000; Lubbock Co. Comm. for P. Smith, Lubbock, 5,000; Harris Co. Comm. for P. Smith, Houston, 15,000; Tarrant Co. Comm. for P. Smith, Fort Worth, 4,500; Ector Co. Comm. for P. Smith, Odessa, 4,000; Dallas Co. Comm. for P. Smith, Dallas, 5,500; Bexar Co. Comm. for P. Smith, San Antonio, 5,000; R. Day, trustee, Garland, 2,000; R. Martin, Lubbock, 1,000; J. Bertman, Liberty, 1,000; C. Wilkinson, trustee, Bellaire, 5,000; J. Ray, Austin, 1,000; B. Wood, Wichita Falls, 2,500; H.Chiles, Fort Worth, 1,500; W. Goldston, Houston, 1,000; W. Prewitt, Jr., Temple, 1,000; M. Peck, Houston, 1,000; V. Rucker, Killeen, 1,000; G.Price, trustee, Austin, 2,500; W. Wise, Tyler, 1,000; C. Sapp, Houston, 2,500; G. Lee and E. Reeves, Dallas, 1,000; Mrs. E. Kenedy, Sarita, 3,000; R. Smith, trustee, Odessa, 1,000; C. Smith, trustee, Odessa, 1,000; D. Henry, trustee, Odessa, 1,000; B. Dorboudt, trustee, Odessa, 1,000; B.