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Elect Judge Tom REAVLEY Associate Justice, Texas Supreme Court PLACE 2 His involvement and interest in people and law uniquely qualify Judge Reavley for Texas’ highest judicial position. CHOICE OF THE LAWYERS OF TEXAS IN THE OFFICIAL JUDICIAL BAR POLL. Democratic Primary May 4. 1968 Paid Pol. Adv. RFK, EJM, HHH, LBJ Austin Supporters of Senators Kennedy and McCarthy and labor people who are opposed to a Texas delegation to Chicago resting limply in the palm of Governor Connally’s hand should actively cooperate in the precinct conventions on behalf of an uncommitted delegation. McCarthy and Kennedy people will try, of course, to get resolutions of endorsement for their candidates, but the common ground of the Texas liberal-labor coalition on May 4th is opposition to placing the Texas delegation under the boss-rule, also called the unit rule. The delegates from Texas should reflect actual opinion at the precinct and county conventions, not a steamrollered majority, turned into a bloc vote by the unit rule. At this point, the real enemy of a reclaimed Democratic Party is a certain kind of hostility between the McCarthy and Kennedy people. McCarthy had a problem of establishing the seriousness of his candidacy and his independence of Kennedy, but that is behind him. Clearly he wants the. nom= ination and is fighting to get it. In the course of doing this, he and his supporters are drawing distinctions between him and Kennedy; this is fair and necessary. But there is a kind of hostility against Kennedy that is neither fair nor necessary. You find it rampant in the South and in big business circles. You find it embodied in catchy slogans about Bobby the Ruthless or Bobby the Mop. Among liberal people, Kennedy needs no defense against this personalized hostility. Neither he nor McCarthy is pure as the driven New Lefter. Both are more independent and enlightened than Humphrey. Under either McCarthy or Kennedy as President, the country’s foreign policy would be re-examined and changed considerably probably not enough by either one of them, but considerably. McCarthy had the guts to go out alone against Johnson’s nomination and prevail in New Hampshire; this earned him the full respect of the country. Kennedy had fought hard against Johnson on Vietnam, and while he was doing it, peace people cheered; but now some of them join Johnson’s man Humphrey in accusing Kennedy of being somehow dishonorable. Kennedy was right to decide after New Hampshire that he had a better chance than McCarhty to prevail against Johnson in August. Most people agreed that he did; it stood to reason that he did. Ambition was surely a consideration in his decision; ambition is surely a consideration in McCarthy’s course now. And what is wrong with that? It would be rotten to contend that either of these two trail-blazing men is controllingly motivated by ambition. They are both sound men. McCARTHY AND Kennedy peo ple should fight clean and hard for the nomination, neither trying to wound the other by recourse to such arguments. They very well may come to the point at which neither can win the nomination April 26, 1968 15 HELP ELECT McCARTHY PRESIDENT History is Unaffected by Silent Concern ATTEND YOUR PRECINCT CONVENTION ON MAY 4th McCarthy For President Finance Committee, Texas Division Post Office Box 876 Austin, Texas 78767 I am Enclosing a campaign contribution of $ I would like additional information on how I can help McCarthy in Texas Name Precinct Address Phone Paid for by Mc Carthy for President Committee