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Further, is there anything we can do about communist governments in Asia militarily? Might we not have to learn to live with them, while doing what we can non-militarily to build viable governments because we leave them no other alternative? Is “aggression” . . . a clear description of what is happening over there? . . . What kind of “freedom” is it Mr. Hall is so sure we are “defending” in Vietnam? Is it true that “. . the United States and its Vietnamese allies did not start this war. Hanoi did when it invaded South Vietnam” or that “The record clearly shows that the United States has -persisted in trying to negotiate a settlement in Vietnam”? I think not, on both counts. … There is an instructive inconsistency between [Mr. Hall’s] … assertion that “Americans value freedom enough to help the weak defend theirs from the strong” and his statement a column earlier that it is simple US national interest that has us there. Craig Bestrup \(University of Chicago Blvd., apt. 603, Chicago, Ill. 60615. An Inept Showing The unwillingness of supporters of Lyndon Johnson to debate those of us who support Sen. Eugene McCarthy is matched only by the inept showing they make when we lure them into the open. Walter G. Hall’s appearance in the Observer is an illustration of this principle. I agree with one point he makesthat Lyndon Johnson wants peace. But I also believe that Johnson has shown he is utterly unable to achieve peace or anything else, save death and destruction, in Vietnam. How can we vote for a man who so ineptly pursues what he so ardently desires? … [Hall] says that Gavin no longer favors enclaves as a solution to Vietnam . I quote the Saturday Evening Post of Feb. 24, an article bylined by Gavin himself: “We should put into operation a plan for de-escalation of our forces based on the enclave strategy.” In a single paragraph Hall condemns opponents of the war for having too many alternative policies to suggest in CLASSIFIED ANNE’S TYPING SERVICE: Duplicating \(multiNotary, Specialize in rush jobs, including Sundays. Formerly known as Marjorie Delafield Typing and Duplicating Service. Call HI 2-7008, Austin. BOOKPLATES. Free catalog. Many beautiful designs. Special designing too. Address: BOOKPLATES, Yellow Springs 8, Ohio. AKC HUNGARIAN PULI puppies for sale: show, pet, working livestock. Love children. Some obedience training. Visitors welcome. GR 2-0793, Austin. Vietnamand for offering only a “vacuum” in its place. He appears to support a domino theory which even the administration would blush to do, since our few successes seem to have occurred in nations where our troops were not offending local patriots. He fails to recognize that our very presence in Vietnam drives patriots into the arms of the communists and of their historic enemy, China. And he misstates the one basic question involved in the controversy: “Are the vital interests of the United States served by its presence in Asia.” And the answer, of course, is NO! Edgar Crane, 13507 Kingsride, Houston, Tex. What’s Not Right with LBJ … That LBJ did, at a time of national shock and brief remorse, get some good legislation for domestic programs passed into law is true. That the civil rights and poverty programs have failed to correct the emergency conditions in the ghettos is not entirely the fault of the President. but that the staggering sums of money and dedication using in pursuing the war in Vietnam might have gone far to prevent the explosive situation across the country today, is a valid argument … , LBJ’s solution to the anger and bitterness in the ghettos: “bigger and better trained police forces, special ‘riot training’ for the National Guard and more sophisticated weaponry for quelling the angry militants,” a conflict that, in the opinion of Robert Rigg \(Army Magazine, January as the fighting in Vietnam …. Some Americans, like the “patriots” of all nations at war, feel they MUST trust their leadership and to criticize it seems anti-American and unpatriotic. Thus, we should readily understand the “patriots” of Nazi Germany, imperial Japan, and all others who followed their leaders to their moral and physical .downfall. But ATHENA MONTESSORI SCHOOL CHILDREN 2-6 Red River at 41st GL 4-4239 or GR 6-9700 For Those Who Don’t Want To Publicize HemisFair STICKERS designed to cover that bad word at the bottom NO MORE WAR LA RAZA UNIDA BLACK POWER they also fit briefcases, uniforms, flags, foreheads, etc. 10c each or 2 For 15c 3014 Washington Square GL 2-1841 Austin we are supposed to be a democracy which makes it the responsibility of ALL citizens to denounce their President when he breaks his pledge to those who elected him and has led the nation into an undeclared and little understood war which threatens to end in ultimate nuclear disaster. What is NOT right with LBJ could begin with the fact that he was overwhelmingly elected in 1964 by a large majority across the nation who were terrified of Goldwater’s warmongering and comforted by LBJ’s: “There are those who say I ought to go North and drop bombs to wipe out the supply linesbut we don’t want to get tied down in a land about to send American boys nine or ten thousand miles away from home to do what Asian boys should be doing for themselves,” \(Akron, Walter Hall says: “There is only one basic question involved in the Vietnam controversy: Is it in the vital interest of the United States to have Southeast Asia fall to the communists?” This is truly the most arrogant example of moral depravity and greed possible to conceive. It is to say that, our military might gives us the right to decide wherever and whenever we choose to set up OUR type government, regardless of what the people of another nation may wish. OUR type government, regardless of what the people of another nation may wish. OUR type government in Vietnam and numerous other places including South’Korea, is a repressive military dictatorship propped up by our military and our tax dollars, and is in no way a choice of the indigenous people. The record DOES NOT clearly show March 1, 1968 15