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xct. fs?. Save 20% On Books The Texas Observer announces a book-ordering service which, it is hoped, will be a convenience for subscribers and of financial benefit to both the Observer and its friends. Readers who desire to subscribe to this service will be entitled to purchase through the Observer any hardbound book published in the U.S.* at a 20% discount. Books will be mailed postpaid. A 1-year membership is $5,00. If purchases during the 12 months do not result in a saving of at least $5.00 over the list price of the books, your membership will be extended until you do realize such a saving. Books listed below are on display now at the Observer or, for those showing a date following the author’s name, will be in stock and ready for mailing on the date indicated. Other books will be ordered by the Observer and you will receive them directly from the publisher. For readers who are not interested in subscribing to the book service the Observer will gladly accept, at the list price, orders for any hardbound book published in the U.S.* Such orders also will be filled post-free. Send your orders, and $5.00 membership if the 20% discount rate is de, sired, to The Texas Observer, 504 W. 24th, Austin, Texas 78705. Include name of author, full title, and publisher, 4f known, for books other than those listed above. If possible please enclose payment, including, for Texas residents, the 2% state sales tax, with your order. \(The membership fee is not subject Orders can be accepted on a charge account basis, if requested by Observer subscribers or Book Service membersand will be expedited as rapidly as those which are accompanied by payment but it will be necessary to add to such orders a 25c charge to cover bookkeeping costs. *except text, technical, and reference books; very few other exceptions. The Texas Observer Bookstore