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A Vitt at faigilth We, the members of Texas Labor, hereby declare that the pursuit of happiness of all workers of this State. They are the Bill of Rights we seek to accomplish in 1968 and 1969. I. The right to join a union protected by law in private and public employment. II. The right to a minimum wage for all workers and prevailing wages on all public works construction. III. The right to have clean air and water. IV. The right to adequate workmen’s compensation, job safety provisions and unemployment compensation. V.The right to free education at all levels for deserving students. VI.The right to equal employment opportunity and legal rights regardless of sex, color, nationality or religious belief. VII.The right to purchase insurance and medical care at reasonable rates. VIII.The right to have a union shop in public or private employment. IX.The right to fair taxation and equal representation through a free ballot at all levels of government. X.The right to privacy. Nor Zoitto tabor \\ TEXAS AFL-CIO + P. 0. BOX MM + CAPITOL STATION + AUSTIN, TEXAS 78711