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n ly Hotel I r e _ h e WESTBROOK GI”‘ McCin and Fourth Streets 300 Restful Rooms Newly Air-Conditioned S Completely Redecorated Family Plan Rates $4 $ 8 50 ROY M. FOX, Manager A Famous Western Hotel located in the Heart of Fort Worth R T …. . . .Marijuana The laws against marijuana have become as ridiculous and self-defeating as prohibition. On Aug. 6, 1967, from Chicago, the American Medical Association’s Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence said that no physical dependence for marijuana has been demonstrated, and it has not been shown as yet that marijuana causes any lasting mental or physical changes. This has been known for several years, and the smoking of pot is widespread, especially among college students. Although like alcohol _it may play a role in a psychiatric problem, it is not addictive or harmful in itself, yet people are still being sent to jail for long terms as though it is. The result of this situation is a spreading conspiratorial disobedience of the law and an increasing contempt for all laws seeking to regulate darngging drugs. N w we have in hand a chilling story by , on in the Saturday Evening o n accumulating medical evidence thaetSD may,cause malformed babies. It is conceded by all that this hallucinogen is dangerous for people who are already incipiently psychotic. They may never come back from the trip and wind up permanent mental cripples. Allen Ginzberg can be philosophical about such victims of LSD if he wishes, but I am not. Now here is some evidenceI commend the article in the Aug. 12 Post to everyone who has taken LSD or is tempted tothat LSD breaks chromosomes and may result in malformed babies. The analogy to Thalidomide suggests itself. LSD would not have become such. a fad if marijuana’s illegalization had not been so absurd. If the law is square in the other. Let the evidence come clear on LSD; meanwhile, unless you want to risk your own children so you can have your kick, I’d suggest leaving it alone. And legislators, specifically Texas legislators, might at least start discussing the legalization of marijuana now that they have the AMA to hide behind. Montessori School of South Austin ONE CLASS ONLY limited to 15 children Accepting applications for September. Location: St. Edward’s University campus. PHONE HI 2-5117 A.M.S: MEMBER and LSD 71,174 Machine Guns Far more corrupt than the recent brouhaha about the CIA is the fact, revealed in a valuable series by Neil Sheehan in The New York Times, that the United States government, in part through the Import-Export Bank, has gone into the business of selling arms to foreign nations. Since 1949 the U.S. has sold and given away weapons worth more than all our grants and loans for regular economic assistance since 1948. Under “Country X” loansloanS’ to unidentified countries the Export-IMpOrt .Bank has been funding U.S. goverment” arms sales to foreign governments. : . Consider the ,folloWirig:facts in ,the light of our country’s.’ flapping lip-service to peace and “arms -iccintrd1”: “Defense Dep’alitMerit statistics indicate,” Sheehan reported, “that over the last 18 years U.S. ‘government arms exports included: 16,630 aircraft, _including 8,300 jet fighter-bombers; 38 destroyers, 24 submarines, 258 destroyer escorts, and three aircraft carriers; 19,827 tanks and 3,055 other armored assault vehicles; 1.4-million carbines, 2-1-million rifles, 28,496 submachineguns, 71,174 machineguns and 30,668 mortars, 26,845 artillery pieces and recoilless guns of all types, and 45,360 missiles, including 14,251 of the air-to-air, heat-seeking type.” The major buyeis are the European nations, Australia, and Japan; we supplied nations on both sides of the Middle East-. em war. One of the principal arguments used to justify this Pentagon venture into . free enterprise is that it helps our balance of payments problem. One of the arguments that influenced American leaders, especially Secretary of State James Byrnes, to use the atomic bomb on Hiroshima was that it would make Russian more manageable in Europe: The Problem, You See What’s-there-left-to-say-department: From a story by George C. Wilson in the Washington Post July 31, 1967: . . . the Secretary of State [Rusk] , on the CBS television program ‘Face the Nation’ Sunday sounded pessimistic on these other diplomatic fronts: “Vietnam negotiations. He confirmed for the first time that Soviet Premier Alexei Kosygin at Glassboro told President Johnson that peace negotiations with North Vietnam could begin shortly if the August 18, 1967 13 Observations WAAAAAAA AA AAAA.AAA