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BUMPERSTRIPS: ri\(ENNEDY ’68 Fluorescent, genuine peel-off buniperstrip stock. 1 for 25c 6 for $1 100 for $10 1,000 for $65 Pass the Torchin ’68 Committee P. 0. Box 3395 Austin, Texas 78704 Texas AFL-CIO recommends EDWARD P. MORGAN and the news Coast to tuu,: Monday thru Friday K v V’!’ i 1. 2,, ‘1 Ill. , 6. 4 Pip A 6.1111 f ,111. htlEY 9:30 p.111. Ti , 111 Austin Big sprin g Bra an El Paso San N114:,1;. SPONSORED BY AFL-CIO I am writing in regard to an article that appeared in the March 17 edition of the Observer by Susan, Jankovsky, “A Challenge for the New Left ‘Our Little Crusader’ at U.T.” I will examine the article word for word following a few brief comments. First, at least 75% of the article is absolutely false, it is nothing more than a double-dose of left-wing propaganda. I did not make a single one of the direct quotations that are contributed to me. Second, I will tell you how much of this so-called information was obtained. Some time back I was paid a visit by two individuals, At that time I was not awart that worked for the Rag, a leftist, vulgar, “underworld” newspaper that is operated by a group of “society misfits” who take pride in degrading government officials, university officials, and society as a whole. Iii the midst of all this there are also drawings of nude women and other vulgar gestures, including an unlimited number tbf dirty words. ‘Mr: had heard that I was callingfor an investigation of the SDS in the area of illegal drugs and communist affiliation. had discusscl this matter with Several membersof the Texas legislature and-had been well received. He said that he was interested in what I was doing: and would like ‘a little specific information. He said that he was just out of the Peace Corps, had entered the University of Texas, and had been associated with the SDS. He said that he wanted to be of assistance to me in my investigation, as he= feft that he would be able to get information from the inside operation. At this time; there were about eight other individuals in the room listening to the discussion. I did not think that they were telling the truth the [two visitors] were both very nervous, had an SDS appearance. Even though, I decided to tell them my plans. I asked about the use of LSD and other illegal drugs within the SDS. Their reply was they might be able to get information. I asked about any SDS interest in the Communist W. E. B. DuBois Clubs. Their reply was that they tnipt be, able to get information. I asked about homesexual activities. They had heard of none. The hour wore on, I asked for their phone number and home address. The phone number turned out to be nonexistent; the address turned out to be false. The Left knew I was a threat to them, so they sought to turn public opinion against me by running an attack in the Rag and turning in leftist propaganda to The Texas Observer. To say the least, they failed. Interest has been stirred and I and others are working the harder to expose what the SDS really is. IWILL NOW examine some of the errors in the Observer article. In the first paragraph there is the reference to the Wallace poster. Yes, I have a Lurleen and George Wallace poster, but they failed of President Johnson, a picture of Goldwater, and, one of former Mississippi Gov. Ross Barnett. As I plan to run for public office, I admire all these political leaders as each individual has many fine points. I have the Confederate flag, and I also have an American flag. I am proud to have the Confederate flag as it is a part of the heritage of this great state. The Navy jets are not mine, and the nude playmate is not mine. They belong to my roommate. The record player was not playing Simon and Garfunkel recordings. All this was an attempt to brand me as a reactionary, segregationist, warmonger with an immoral mind. As I have shown, the truth is a little different from what they had it to’ be. I am not known as a “little crusader” by my dormitory associates. I do not feel as lf it is so far wrong as I am crusading for American ideals and good government. I seek not to stamp out sex, but I seek to stamp out SDS-sponsored “free sex movements,” where two individuals of the same sex could have legal sexual intercourse. I did not make the statement that I want to cooperate with federal agencies and I did not say the F.B.I. would turn over to the Senate their records:Although, as a loyal, responsible American citizen I will report any law that is violated. I stated that I hoped to bring to the attention of all the citizens of this state ‘and nation what subversive anti-American groups are doing on the Texas campus. The rest of the quotations that I am supposed to have made are also false. Many , are very long and wordy. As these spies were not taking notes, there is no way in the world they could possibly quote me word for word as they have done. I feel that University officials are doing a fine job of keeping these groups in line on the Texas campus. I also feel that the federal and local law enforcement officials are doing their job. Yet, I do think that the student body should be more in formed on what is going on on the leftist, communist front. There have seen sit-ins and demonstrations. The SDS has sponsored Mr. Dan Rubin, who is head of the Communist youth movement in America. W.E.B. DuBois members are in Austin and on campus. The average student feels that there are drugs on campus and many suspect the same source. THE TIME HAS come to ask ourselveswhat is, who are, Students for a Democratic Society? J. Edgar Hoover, the head of the F.B.I., labeled them “a tool ‘of the Communist Party.” Stand up for America, if not for Amer ica, then for your sons and daughters!!! BILL GREEN 366-A Moore-Hill Hall University of Texas, Austin The Observer stands by its story.Ed. March 31, 1967 13 If you are opposed to the Viet Nam war, you are invited to join the Weekly Silent Vigil for Peace in front of the Capitol on 11th Street every Saturday from 1 to 2 p.m. Participants come when they can and leave when they must, stand or sit in quiet meditation, and avoid the use of signs or placards. A COMMUNICATION