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an individual’s rights and of his beliefs. The organization’s members at times find themselves aiding those whose beliefs are unpalatable, but whose rights are being violated. Texas is a better place, as 1966 draws to a close, because of the widening influence of the ACLU. ***440#~###44. ######## Dialogue 0#############,#~#114.441144441#########44 Today’s Chuckles Frank Lombardino, a man of Italian heritage and newly elected to the legislature from San Antonio, is speaking humorously of forming a Jewish-Italian coalition in the House of Representatives which he proposes to call Kosher Nostra. . . . It is understood that some of the students at Dallas’ new El Centro Junior College, which is housed in what once was a department store, refer to their school as the University of Sanger-Harris. G. 0. MARTIN ELFANT Sun Life of Canada 1001 Century Building Houston, Texas CA 4-0686 #01:11 Z Since 1866 The Place in Austin GOOD FOOD GOOD BEER 1607 San Jacinto GR 7-4171 SUBSCRIBE OR RENEW THE TEXAS OBSERVER 504 West 24th Street Austin 5, Texas Enclosed is $6.00 for a one-year subscription to the Observer for: Name Address City, State This is a rene.val. 0 This is a new subscription. An Aye for an Eye All you peace-loving parents whose relatives gave your children toys of violence for Christmas retaliate! Give those relatives a subscription to the Texas Observer.Fran Presley, Rt. 6, Box 415, Texarkana, Texas. A Positive Attempt I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Dec. 9 edition of the Observer. There seemed to be a new tone or approach not just a political liberal’s interest in the “Latin American problem,” but a really positive attempt to try to evaluate what kind of situation exists for all these people in Texas. Bill Keach, Worcester College, Oxford, England. Birth Control Needed Your December 9 issue devoted to the Texas Mexicans is great. Your historical summation is especially good. I say this with an air of authority since the subject has been a special passion of mine for 30odd years. Some of my favorite kinfolks are Mexican-Americans. I like the work being done in Laredo in bilingual teaching. They have a special problem there, and everywhere that two cultures meet and mingle. It is better to build on whatever language skill the sixyear-old may have than to ignore what he knows and try to teach him with sign language and such. . . . I wish to complain about an omission. Nothing was said about planned parenthood and birth control as programs to attack some of the social and economic and health problems of the Latin-Americans. . . . I have seen the long faces of man and wife when they find out they will have another unwanted baby. I have December 30, 1966 15 Speaking of Recognition. LYMAN JONES MARY JONES LATANE LAMBERT and JAKE SORRELLS . . . ARE ALL FAMILIAR NAMES TO THE TEXAS LABOR MOVEMENT … AND WE CAN’T HELP BEING PROUD THEY REPRESENT THE Union Labor Division of the American Income Life Insurance Co. Executive Offices, P. 0. Box 208, Waco, Texas Our employees are represented by Local 277 of the Office and Professional Employees International Union and that’s something else of which we are proud. Particularly proud, may we say. Anything else? You bet! Our Disability Income, Hospitalization and Life Insurance policies are specially designed for men and women of Union Labor. Ask Lyman and Mary and Latane and Jake! They KNOW your problems. They really know. That’s why THEY are with American Income! Bernard Rapaport President