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Will host John de J. Pemberton, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union EXAS IVIL IBERTIES NUM Dec. 1, 2, 8, and 9 SAN ANTONIO Thursday, Dec. 1, at the Texan Room of the Gunter Hotel, 8 p.m. DALLAS Friday, Dec. 2, at a joint meeting of the Fort Worth and Dallas chapters, Selecman Hall, Southern Methodist Univ., 8 p.m. AUSTIN Thursday, Dec. 8, at a meeting at the Savoy Room, Terrace Motor Hotel, 8 p.m. HOUSTON Friday, Dec. 9, at a cocktail reception and address at Cohen House, Rice University, 7:30 p.m. Mr. Pemberton, who was one of the attorneys involved in the August H. U. A. C. hearings, will discuss “Civil Liberties in Action, including recent court decisions and current A. C. L. U. cases. i ########+414 Observations a few weeks back when everyone was supposed to be gentle to everyone. There is nothing gentle about this play Thursday or any other day, and thus there are these two strains in the New Left, the hopeful and utopian, the hopeless and violent. Does the play have a right to exist and to be produced? Yes. A play is a play; a President is a President; a free country is a free country. Rumors that an actor was mysteriously threatened professionally through his agent after having discussed playing MacBird in Austin are alarming if true. We are told the play is to be performed in New York, perhaps late this year, and in Austin about mid-January. Any attempts to suppress it would be 14 The Texas Observer MARTIN ELFANT Sun Life of Canada 1001 Century Building Houston, Texas CA 4-0686 wrong and certain, as well, to enhance the suspicion upon which it feeds. But let us watch and see now who is fair, and who is not. Let us see who among the vanguardsmen of the left try to levy what Camus called “moral blackmail” against those who see this play for the violence that it is and refuse to be amused. What a lament, that to go on resisting dis Past-Scripts Not only in vino, but also after the elecveritas. The San Antonio Express editrialized on November the 10th: “Senator Ralph Yarborough was the big winner in Tuesday’s senatorial race because had Waggoner Carr won, Yarborough would have been the senior senator from Texas in name only. The JohnsonConnally-Carr arrangement simply wouldn’t have had any room for Yarborough. “As it turned out, unsurprisingly, Senator John Tower was reelected by a wellorganized and operated campaign which included the unofficial and probably unexpected help of Texas’ !Liberal Demo astrous Johnsonian foreign policy in good conscience and fair style, we have to turn to these people and say, You ghouls! masturbating your suspicions, substituting for thought and work your own snig gering innuendoes, your own cheap satis factions, your own literary assassination. R. D. crats. The margin of victory can be presumed to be, in part, the Liberals’ revolutionary disavowal of party loyalty.” Overheard at La Villita election night, at the glass-blower’s: “You know, Allan Shivers got ’em in the habit of voting Republican, and now he can’t change ’em back.” Melodrama at the Y Lights! Camera! Frustration! My wife and I had gone to see what we expected to be a fairly racy item, entitled “A Man and a Woman,” at the hotsy-totsy fine arts theater on the University Drag, the Texas. Well, it was okay, if you like that sort of thing \(hotrodding, car racing, is what I welcome-freedom doubledoors of the venerable University Y, we espied therein a scene of growl and turmoil. Students were lining up and getting their dollars back from Mrs. Cynthia Smagula, who, I soon made out, had planned to show them “Flaming Creatures,” an under= ground movie featuring, I was told, a limp phallus, a message, about This Is Where We’re Going, and prolonged orgy scenes that Roger Shattuck, who has seen the film, said weren’t justified by its aesthetic values. The studentswere boiling. They got their bucks back and their pink tick “THE PIPE HOUSE OF AUSTIN” Will D. Miller et Son Magazines Daily Newspapers High Grade Cigars and Tobaccos Pipes and Accessories 122 West 6th St. Austin, Texas #0111. z’ Since 1866 The Place in Austin GOOD FOOD GOOD BEER 1607 San Jacinto GR 7-4171