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A.T.T..7.6T T T. T*T*T*T*7*T T* T** … ci II Political Intelligence 4 AM* a. A.MAT.I. T r T. Ai. .6 It’s believed that President Johnson would have attended a Waggoner Carr victory party. White House aide George Christian was at the governor’s mansion election night. Although he was not named in a Dallas mailing in behalf of the Connally team, State Sen.-elect Oscar Stauzy, whq is known as a liberal, says he’s not necessarily an anti-Connally man. Connally’s visit to Dallas shortly before the election is credited with swinging the election of his “team” from that county. It’s believed some of the candidates weren’t doing too well until then. The city’s 25 major Negro boxes, in particular, turned out big votes and whopping majorities for the governor’s slate, which included Joe Lockridge, the first Negro ever elected to major office from Dallas County. V Jim Collins, Republican candidate who ran a close race with Joe Pool for Congress, is showing signs of still being interested in remaining in politics. Another Republican, who ran even closer ran State Sen. George Parkhouse by only a few hundred votes. V Republicans were critical of the dis tribution of voting machines in Dallas. There is some suspicion that precincts with heavy Republican strengths were shorted in getting machines, delaying the voters. Numerous people were reported leaving the polls without voting; 121 voting machines were not put in use that day, but were in storage at a county warehouse. The situation is believed to have particularly affected the races of Harris and Collins. An Election Day Study Committee has been formed by the Dallas G.O.P. and is publishing questionnaires in the newspapers, trying to find out what voters were unsuccessful in casting ballots, and in which precincts these voters live. V In Houston George Bush, Republican elected over Frank Briscoe to Congress, seems to be one of the brighter stars on the state G.O.P. horizon. Bush, who ran a respectably close race against Sen. Ralph Yarborough in 1964, received prompt congratulations from the senator for his victory. The Bush-Briscoe turnout was one of the best in the state; up to 70% of the voters turned out in many precincts. V Cong. Pool, an increasingly prominent member of the House Committee on un-American Activities, ran an ad in the Dallas News that was headlined: “Keep the Pressure on the Communists!! Return Joe Pool to Washington.. . . Protect America from the Communists.” Pool was called “a leading candidate for the role of the late Sen. Joe McCarthy in any resurgence of the hysteria of a decade ago,” in an editorial in the Boston Globe. V In Rio Grande City ten farm workers were arrested for secondary picketing with the halting of a train that was loaded with peppers picked by non-union labor. The ten workers were freed from jail last week. V In Corpus Christi the city refused per mission sought by the Valley Workers Assistance Committee to solicit funds there for the striking workers and their families. i Preparations were under way in Aus tin and eBewhere this week as the caravan to Rio Grande City, bearing food, money, clothing, and medical supplies, was being made ready. A rally is planned this Sunday in Rio Grande City. V Eugene Nelson, in Austin over the weekend during a fund raising tour hears from Rio Grande City that Texas Rangers “are harassing our pickets.” A grand jury has indicted five union members for misdemeanors, but the names of those indicted and the charges were not announced. Houston attorney Chris Dixie, defending eleven Valley workers, has put up bonds for them with his own personal property. V The White House press corps re turned to Austin as the successfully recuperating President returned to his ranch for the holidays. No reason was given for the press’ return to Austin from San Antonio, but the desires of some members of the press may have had an influence. V Apparently there will be a trial Dec. 19 on the condemnation of land owned by Mr. and Mrs. Earl Sweeney for the LBJ state park across from the ranch. V The chief effect of the national elec . tions on the committee status of Texas Democrats in Congress is the elevation of Cong. Bob Poage, Waco, to the chairmanship of the House agriculture committee because of the defeat of Cong. Harold Cooley, N.C., the previous chairman. Cong. Bob Eckhardt of Houston may seek a place on the education and labor committee, the only standing committee of the House that has no Texan on it. With two vacancies opened up on the armed services committee, Cong. Henry Gonzalez, San Antonio, is regarded as a prospect therefor. Cong.-elect Bob Price MEETINGS THE THURSDAY CLUB of Dallas meets each the Downtown YMCA, 605 No. Ervay St., Dallas. Good discussion. You’re welcome. Informal, no dues. The TRAVIS’ COUNTY LIBERAL DEMOCRATS meet at Spanish Village at 8 p.m. on the first Thursday. You’re invited. ITEMS for this feature cost, for the first entry, 7c a word, and for each subsequent entry, 5c a word. We must receive them one week before the date of the issue in which they are to be published. of Pampa has expressed a desire for a seat on the agriculture committee; his other preferences are interior and public works. V Sen. Franklin Spears, San Antonio, \( who, having run and lost for attorney general, will not have a Senate seat fund-raising barbecue to help him pay off his debt. About 1,000 attended; Sen. Don Kennard, Fort Worth, introduced Spears as a young man “in the Kennedy tradition.” Spears appealed for a spirit of friendliness among Democrats next time around and discussed legislative trends. V Faced with a lawsuit if they didn’t, San Antonio’s city fathers have called a city referendum on pledging the city’s credit to the HemisFair Tower. Cty. Cmsr. Albert Pena is publicly demandirig to know who will get to be members of the private club scheduled for one floor in the tower. V There was a melee, widely reported, at a meeting of the Harris County Democratic executive committee. Justin H. Smith, a liberal, rose from his wheel chair angrily, and Harris County Demo cratic chairman William Blanton, Jr., con servative, was knocked to the floor. Blan ton intimated it was a liberal plan that this happen. Mrs. Billie Carr, not elected committee secretary at the meeting in question, said nonsense; that the trouble began because Blanton would not honor the committee’s fair play rules \( which would have given the liberals the secre November 25, 1966 11 For your children; for all the children of the world . .. stand up and be counted! attend the CHRISTMAS Vigil for Peace in VIETNAM at the LBJ Ranch \(eastern junction of Ranch Road 1 and U.S. 290, from 2 until 5 p.m. for further information, contact: HOUSTON CITIZENS FOR ACTION ON VIETNAM P. 0. BOX 1811 HOUSTON, TEXAS 77001