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ARKING included with io,tittftowttoncoemora Enjoy Luxury at The GUNTER… Inexpensively Downtownsteps from all shopping, entertainment and all activities. Motor Lobby. Fine food around the clock. 550 rooms with bath, air conditioning. Finest Convention Facilities for groups large or small. unter 1-1 0 T. E itiezt Teizad! P-eayrto-t&nzb THE ROBERT DRISCOLL HOTEL, –Mahood in the Times of London tegration ought to be investigating urgently and boldly. The consequences of ghettoizing the minorities are gross and subtle, public and personal. One often overlooked effect is the poverty of the school tax base in the districts with many poor families in them \(whatever the color of the people in questricts makes for plush, comparatively over-supplied schools, such as those in the Alamo Heights District in Bexar County, and for under-supplied, under-financed schools, such as those in the Edgewood district in the same county. We have some work under way by a social scientist on this aspect of the problem. Meanwhile we want to be looking into housing in Texas cities as it really is. They have the theories and the national statistics in Washington. In the boondocks we have the way it is. Kennedy and 1968 Someone in California sent me a bump, er sticker that says, “Kennedy-Fulbright 1968.” I have it tacked up over my ‘desk. I read the other day, in Village Voice, I think it was, about another one: “War Is Good Business. Invest Your Son.” Shall the Observer print and sell these? Tell . us how many you might want, and on the basis of the advance orders we’ll decide. I notice that Mrs. Juanita Davis of, Waco has had a similar idea about Mr. Kennedy in 1968 \(see a pertinent potalk on the subject in Austin, too. I believe the future of the idea depends in considerable part on what Lyndon Johnson does in Vietnam now that the 1966 elections are behind him. Yarborough and Parks Last month the President signed into law Senator Ralph Yarborough’s Guada #riitz’ Since 1866 The Place in Austin GOOD FOOD GOOD BEER 1607 San Jacinto GR 7-4171 lupe Mountains national park bill. Under its terms, all the mineral rights must be a part of the park. This means that Yarborough has put it to Texas Land Cmsr. Jerry Sadler mighty plain: Either back down on your defense of Texaco’s special interests in the park area or be known as the man who blocked the establishment of this park. Yarborough had not been a senator long when he first introduced the bill to establish a national park at Padre Island. That bill became law, too; that park was his doing, in the main. Five days after the Guadalupe Mountains park was authorized at law, Yarborough introduced his third national park proposal, this one for the Big Thicket over in East Texas. The bill would create a park of perhaps 75,000 acres in Hardin, Liberty, San Jacinto, Polk, and Tyler counties. “I have personally inspected the Big Thicket area,” Yarborough said. “In some places I helped to cut a trail through this near-jungle. It has huge trees and dense undergrowth; it has multitudes of wild animals and birds including perhaps the last of the ivory-billed woodpeckers; it has wild orchids, azaleas, and gardenias in profusion. . . . The time has come to establish a Big Thicket national park.” One by one, Yarborough is creating for posterity national parks in Texas that, though they never be named for him, will be the best monument a man could have. . And Public Power Day to day in Washington, Yarborough has been fighting for the people, but much of the fight is too detailed for the people to learn of it. When he was on the labor and welfare committee he spent large quantities of his time laboring for changes in the law that would benefit widows of veterans, obscure classes of social security beneficiaries, certain categories of the handicapped. This session, for instance, the O’Hara-Yarborough bill improves federal workmen’s compensation payments to 25,000 former civilian federal employees who were disabled or killed in the line of duty, or to their survivors. \(The minimum benefit for total disability was lifted from $189 to $238 a of the Senate post office and civil service committee, Yarborough had a major part in the passage of the federal pay raise bill for the 1.8 million civil service workers November 11, 1966 13 Texas Society to Abolish Capital Punishment memberships, $2 up P.O. Box 8134, Austin, Texas 78710 John B. Mills, Chairman of the Board Cecil Mills, President 300 Air-Conditioned Rooms, Dining Room and all hotel facilities. Drive-In Entrance. Beautiful Swimming Pool and Cabanas. Yours for a Perfect Vacation! ASSOCIATED FEDERAL HOTELS LA CONCHASAN JUAN WESTWARD HOPHOENIX