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ast 1 \\ Timcs 11;rrts14 Plione 223.0 ..; . 1970 By ROWLAND EVANS and ROBERT NOVAK AUSTINAlarmed sudden affection d by the on of the Texas Tower, a Gold liberal Democrals for Sen .z, Washington Post iter man of the decade have impressed the Establishment. “What John Connally wants John Connally gets,” said a s non Par” associate of d this year was The Tower cult the Governot. an Sinessmen and pe clans must deal with Yarbor-, ough when they want things in Washington. Asa member of the Senate majority, he has obstruction if the Senate, all tisan as -the Senator himself What he w Carr. now appearsis essentially a business support of metropolitan phenomen on. got it. t, -Dallas, -Houston and Fort Also a Cult Figure The new middle classe , of rth nourish the Senator’s The final in the Estab t ard factor sup p ly a good lishment’s posture tow is the complicated mat tor arr that would Connc 1 Carters, Meco , Wynnes, IClebergs, posts and \\kings. Some Explanations Superficial logic suggests I that men of this stripe would dote on Tower. He talks their votes in ways t language and they approve. But from all the ‘#4 evidence, the big money and the big names of Texas are with ii. Waggoner the real estate Carr this time. Just this week, millionaire John Steramons presided at a Dallas rally for 54 Carr and Democratic Con ‘gressman Joe Pool. James As Thellebu Ming 1 ton, boar d c i_ h ig a n ir a mv at t was \\ Committee 1317 S. Congress Ave. Room 102 Austin, Texas 78704 CO-CHAIRMEN : Archer Fullingim , Van Pell Evans , Bob Sanchez Cohth inter Fu the s $1 m this some up Ci WI the v and I the a camp Dr domii FINANCE COMMITTEE: Jim S. Phelps, David G. Copeland c.: 6. ,texas II Texas Senate Race Ilas No Issues, Its Tower ‘ -vs. ‘Establishment’ By Richard Harwood OCTOBER 1 6 Staff Wr . 19 6 6 AustinJohn Tower is four -square ao-“-^’ year Ftltenr This in itself is remarkable. Like Tower he is a cult fig Ralph a v o d .Y, the power nothing else. 41d rn ea b l iti ef 11s the politicalhe Towe Democratic olistu iePal money r requires. He has received this ter of Demo Sen a tor 1 2n,000 about air4b_korar ou aghiihtehreal only the tions, averaging about $10 Texas has sent to the Senate ea each. in this century. Political money in Texas, a ure in a basically hostile po Democratic financier reveals, Mica’ environment. His pres_ I is ordinarily supplied by 500 ence in Washington is a…1 1 or so families of old and new source of embarrassment to wealththe Jesse Jones clan, both Connally and the Texas 4 business community. They dis the Bob Cullums, Murchison , Browns \(of. both his p like olcs and his manners. Consequently. Con water Republican, the conserva tive Democratic establishment here has mobilized its top political operatives to rescue the campaign of Tower’s Senate opponent, Atty. Gen. Waggoner Carr. THE ESTABLISHMENT IS headed by one of the shrewdest politicians in Texas his’ory, Gov. John Connally, President Johnson’s closest political friend. Once remote from Carr’s campaign, Connally has become deeply involved now that Tower is a slight favorite to be the first Republican re-elected to the Senate in Texas history. Connally’s new interest in Carr’s campaign is manifest in many ways. For one thing, he said publicly the other day that Carr’s defeat would damage his own prestige \(even though Connally, on the ballot in November for a third-term as governor, himself is assured of Connally’s true concern, then, is not so much his own prestige as his fear that a win by Tower would be a step toward a twoparty system in Texas. Connally is the pro ofiz 6″4 San Antonli