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Subscribe to the Observer Subscribe for a Friend “Although we disagree completely .. . we strongly recommend the Observer as one of the best sources of state political news available.” Official Publication of the Young Republican Clubs of Texas, 1965. The Observer “voices dissent to almost every power bloc or politician of consequence in the state, from far left to far right. . . . Time and again since its first appearance in 1954, the Observer has cracked stories ignored by “Despite its shortcomings, the Texas the state’s big dailies, and has had the Observer is needed in Texas. Texans satisfaction of watching the papers fol would miss its publication . . .”Texas low its muckraking lead.”Newsweek, AFL-CIO News, Nov. 15, 1965. March 7, 1966. Send $6 for each year’s subscription to Sarah Payne, Business Manager, The Texas Observer, 504 W. 24th St., Austin, Texas. NAME NAME ADDRESS ADDRESS CITY STATE CITY STATE …… Zip Code Zip Code The Observer “is the conscience of the political community” in Texas. Andrew Kopkind in the New Republic, Nov. 20, 1965. The Observer “has a stable of gifted writers and kindred spirits who contribute to its pages.””Copies find their way to the desks of the mighty and even into the White House.”St. Louis PostDispatch, July 25, 1965. easy to register or difficult. V The new Texas Tech president, Dr. George E. Murray, hopes to put the college back in the good graces of the American Association of University Professors. Murray, in accepting the job, made the removal of Tech from the AAUP “blacklist” a condition of his employment. Reportedly the association is willing to reinstate the college if the college reinstates Dr. Byron R. Abernethy, one of the three professors who were fired nine years ago by the Tech board of regents, apparently for being liberal Democrats. fro The Belden Poll reported approval of 74% among Texans interviewed for President Johnson’s Vietnam policy; 55% feel the U.S. should go all out to win; 19% say we should continue present policies. Calling for a pull-out are 14% with 12% having no opinion. V “An obvious omission of Negroes and Latins” on Harris County draft boards hiS been attacked by two Democratic nominees for the legislature, Curtis M. Graves and Lauro Cruz. Two Negroes and one Latin serve among 47 members on 11 Houston boards and one in Baytown. V The Houston Post reported that many Harris County Negroes with good driving records can’t buy auto policies from some insurance companies because of discrimi nation. Some Negroes must pay excessive Professors: Your. students can receive a semester’s subscription to The Texas Observer, if ten or more of them subscribe and the papers can be delivered in one packet to you, for the special classroom price of $1.50 per student. As a special bonus as long as the supply lasts, the two issues published earlier this year on John Tower and Waggoner Carr. Send your orders to Sarah Payne, Business Manager, Texas Observer, 504 GARNER & SMITH BOOKSTORE 2116 Guadalupe, Austin, Texas Mail order requests promptly .filled POLECAT MOUNTAIN is a new community in the Ozark lake country. We have homesites in several price ranges and sizes. Interested? Write: TIGER TUCKER Polecat Mountain, Incorporated P.O. Box 524, Rogers, Arkansas 72756 rates to obtain coverage, reporter Al Prince found. V Speaker Barnes is reportedly com mitted to annual sessions, and he wants the state to have a department on urban affairs. The ouster of Vernon A. McGee, legislative budget director, came about largely through efforts of House Speaker Ben Barnes. Lt. Gov. Preston Smith voted against the removal in a closed session of the legislative budget board. Barnes said some legislators felt that McGee was exercising authority which belonged to the lawmakers and was a protest against the growing practice of appropriations bill conference committees inserting “riders” which neither the House nor Senate had considered. A :son of the late Gov. Jimmy Allred, Sam Houston Allred, now 29, has be come an actor in New York. He told the Dallas News, while in that city to play in Dallas Summer Musicals’ “Half a Six MARTIN ELFANT Sun Life of Canada 1001 Century Building Houston, Texas CA 4-0686 1141/4#44* pense,” that he voted for Goldwater in 1964, and “I’m a registered Republican.” Sam Houston Allred once worked on Sen. Yarborough’s staff and was chairman of the 1960 Texas Students for Kennedy and Johnson committee. A headline from the Dallas Times Herald: Funerals Needed, Psychiatrist Says September 16, 1966 19 r 1 spwssoia >. et slemmoamo emu Texas Society to Abolish Capital Punishment memberships, $2 up P.O. Box 8134, Austin, Texas 78712 LEM 0.110104111111.0011.1U1141,11041111111011111.8011104111. Lu Mitchell Sings “RHYTHM AND BLUES with CARDINAL SPELLMAN” . . . and 11 other irreverencies in her 2nd 1p album SING IN WITH LU $5.00Lu Mitchell Records, 2922 Eric, Dallas 34, Texas