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Tower also told the Observer, in its interview with him last week, that he has “tacitly” supported legislation to restrict wiretapping, but that it has no present chance of passing. I/ Tower forces are ‘seeking to spawn the suspicion that if elected, Carr would quit the Senate to run for governor in 1968 or 1970. Pursuing his theme of economy in government to stop inflation, Tower told the Texas Association of Petroleum Retailers in Dallas, “We should make no new starts,” and was promptly asked, as the Dallas News reported, “Where does ‘no new starts’ leave the Trinity Canal project?” That, shot back Tower, “is already in the beginning stages, and I consider it an existing program.” The Poll-Axing v g Politicians on the down-side of polls seek to spread skepticism about the polls; it’s their only weapon against them. But in Texas skepticism about the Texas Poll is now an accepted part of the standard response of insiders to it. The Observer’s study documenting the poll’s high frequency of wrongness in the light of actual returns evidently crystallized a disposition to discount the poll that was already widespread. Nevertheless, the Texas Poll of Sept. 1 showing Carr with 49%, Tower with 33%, and 18% undecided heartened Carr’s camp. Carr drew encouragement from the fact that Tower’s percentage had not moved up since the last poll despite “four-color newspaper tabloid sections, millions of pieces of direct mail, hundreds of billboards.” Tower responded that “Nobody in Texas politics takes the Belden Poll seriously, because it is so seldom right,” harked back to his Kraft poll last May showing him about five points ahead of Carr, and promised another Kraft poll later this month. The Texas poll showed Carr ‘slipping from 57% in May to 49% in August. Rep. Dick Cory, Carr’ state headquarters office manager, pointed out that the margin went, not to Tower, but to undecided. But this reasoning makes the size of the turnout crucial, as Carr people know: that is, a light turnout would mean that Tower’s hard-core supporters could prevail. According to announced GOP polls, Tower leads Carr in Dallas . by a wider margin than Republican George Bush led Sen. Ralph Yarborough in 1964. 1/ Americans for Constitutional Action has taken exception to Carr’s statement that the organization is “extreme right wing . . . these people consider the John Birch Society too far to the left.” The organization’s president, Charles McManus, challenged Carr to criticize “distinguished Texas congressmen” who have high ACA ratings or received the group’s distinguished service award and had its endorsement in 1964. They are John Dowdy, Omar Burleson, Bob Casey, 0. C. Fisher and Joe Pool. This year Tower’s ACA rating is only 54% “good.” Carr is taking Tower’s previous 99% ACA rating as proof that he’s an extremist and his 54% this year as evidence that he’s playing the moderate for the election; Carr predicts his opponent would be 99% again next year. The campaigns, as businesslike efforts, are now revved up. Both candidates are using airplanes full-time. “I’ve bought an airplane for the campaign,” Carr told the Lubbock paper, and at the height of the drive will be using three of them the second for advance men, a third one for his wife when campaigning elsewhere or bock, who, Carr said, has been “hired .. . as a troubleshooter to go anywhere we have a problem.” Both candidates are paying transportation costs of reporters being flown ‘around. The next big event in the campaign will be Carr’s Sept. 19th $25-a-plate fund aiser the eve of the state Democratic convention in Austin. The Republicans have their counterpart events in San Antonio simultaneously. ,V Dallas Democrats plan a “Demo-stra tion” Oct. 1, stressing voting the straight party ticket. Carr will be there with other John B. Mills, Chairman of the Board Cecil Mills,’ President candidates. “This is not a conservative Democratic function, nor is it a liberal Democratic function,” says a spokesman. Gonzalez & Yarborough Cong. Henry Gonzalez, San Antonio, who once before publicly criticized Sen. Ralph Yarborough on a HemisFair matter, released to the press a letter to Yarborough saying that he was “somewhat shocked” by the delivery to him of an amendment Yarborough has proposed to the $10 million HemisFair bill. The amendment would prevent the $10 million from going to HemisFair unless the Secretary of Commerce was given “satisfactory assurances” that historic structures now standing in the HemisFair site will be preserved to the maximum possible extent. “Although I have asked you on several occasions to join with me in support of the HemisFair bill,” Gonzalez said in the letter to Yarborough, “you have yet to make it plain that you will or you will not cosponsor it in the Senate.” Any amendment, Gonzalez said, could lead to a harmful delay in the bill’s final passage. In addition, he wrote, he was “somewhat shocked” to be given a copy of the amendment a couple of hours after he had talked with Yarborough and the senator had “made no mention to me” of the amendment. Assuming Yarborough had received the request on which he based the amendment September 16, 1966 15 ASSOCIATED FEDERAL HOTELS LA CONCHASAN JUAN WESTWARD HOPHOENIX