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State!” layouts and stories two issues running. 1# Rep.-nominee Curtis Graves of Hous ton, who will be one of the three Negroes in the next legislature if all three nominated this spring are elected, is becoming advertising manager of a Houston Negro newspaper. The lobby’s anticipated difficulties in social events with three Negro legislators on the scene came a cropper recently in Houston. Graves was not invited to a beer lobby social for half the county’s legislators. Graves said beer lobbyist Bill Holland had told another legislator that they had “this problem” about Graves and didn’t know how to handle it. Rep.-nominee ,Lauro Cruz told the lobbyists that he, Cruz, wouldn’t go and they could invite Graves in his place; but they did not. There were tense consultations in the delegation as to what to do. There was no public to-do about it. V The F.C.C. has ruled that Gordon Mc Lendon of Dallas can have a one-year experiment with his all-advertising station in Los Angeles. V Corrections: The Observer erred in this feature last issue in that Oscar Mauzy’s Republican opponent for the State Senate in Dallas in November is not Tom Crouch, but Frank Pounders. . . . The correct name of the social service school at Our Lady of the Lake College is the Worden School of Social Service. 14 The Texas Observer 011=.1.111=141.10411100111M.1101111110,10410111MO4PINMOMMIN41111M0 Texas Society to Abolish Capital Punishment P.O. Box 8134, Austin, Texas 78712 memberships, $2 up Setting: A neat urban school cafeteria built of cheap materials. A bulletin board with a rooster made of colored construction paper proclaims “Spring Is Here” in red letters cut from a pattern. Time: 7:30 on the eve of Democratic Primary. Characters: Registered voters. The curtain rises as strains of “Puppet Serenade” sound. Uncle Tom, in black face with white wool cropped so close it is straight, silently brings in fans, one after another. Two elderly women enter and sit immediately in front of the television set that is used in the cafeteria to quiet the school children during lunch. The TV is tuned in on the Jackie Gleason show. The women face the set but turn to each other every seven minutes for two seconds. Elderly Woman : And she told her hus band .. . Elderly Woman : I always knew that .. . \(Three portly men of later middle age Portly Man : Ha ha ha. Portly Man : Ha ha ha. Have you heard the . . . \(They are joined by a portly middle-aged woman in yellow shift stretched over Portly Woman : How are you? Portly Man : Just fine. My wife .. . Portly Man : Just fine. My wife .. . Portly Man : Just fine. My wife .. . Portly Man : Have you heard the .. . \(Portly woman turns around and comes Portly Woman: We’ve just been .. . Portly Man : That’s the way . . . Portly Man: That’s the way . . . Portly Man : That’s the way .. . \(Two white-haired women appear bearWhite-haired Woman : Sign here, please. Henpecked Man : Do we have to show our poll tax? White-haired Woman : No. Just put your name and address. Satisfied Young Man : De we have to show our poll tax? White-haired Woman : No. Just put your name and address. Pious School Teacher: Do we have to show our poll tax? White-haired Woman: No. Just put your name and address. \(161 people enter. They are made up as puppets. The women wear wigs of plastic thread, some swirled, some straight, all of brilliant colors. The men wear grease paint. The lines of their faces are all turned down. They have worried frowns painted on. They have dark circles under their eyes. As they enter, they point all around the room. Their mouths open and close, then stretch, open and close, then stretch. Sometimes they close their mouths for a period of time. When they do, they pop their thumbs in and suck. Finally every one is seated. The “Puppet Serenade” sounds loud then fades out. Uncle Tom turns the Jackie Gleason sound down. Buffoon in clown costume Buffoon : Somtherlisppjoing. Chorus: Louder! Buffoon : Somtherlisppjoing. Chorus: Louder! Buffoon : Somtherlisppjoing. Chorus: Louder! \(Uncle Tom enters bearing Buffoon : Convencomtorder. I point him tubee tempsecterry. Him : \(Writes on sheet of yellow paper. His Tall Man: \(Pops move you that we .. . Shout: Secon. Buffoon : Mayandseconit. Fat Man : I nominate the one and only Dr. Buffoon. Skinny Woman : Is he a MD or a PH? Bleached Woman: Neither. He’s a chi .. . Chorus: Yayayayayay. Tall Man: I move you that we certify the voters and that we select the delegates and that we entertain only those resolutions previously submitted in writing. Shouts: Secon secon secon. Buffoon: Mayandseconit. Cmittees leave and take care uv their bizniz. Bleached Woman: I never saw so many people at a precinct convention. Little Woman: I thought it would just be cut and dried like the others. Skinny Woman: Connally’s letter said somebody was going to try to take over. Faded Man : Must be gonna be a fight. Jerky Man : Not in this precinct. Painted Woman: That’s rammin’ it The Marionette Show Georgia Earnest Klippie