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Establishment backing in his new constituency. 1,00′ The Dallas News has carried two stories by Jimmy Banks this month, reporting that Sen. Andy Rogers, Childress, charged $2,693 in telephone calls to the state in January and February. Rogers is chairman of an interim legislative committee on state college faculty compensation and said there was some confusion because calls he made on this committee’s business were charged to his Senate office phone. Banks said payment of other phone bills is being held up until the Rogers charges are approved; the State Board of Control told the AP that a delay of a month is not unusual. pof Contests for state representative in clude a few more novelties. Sen. Charles Herring, Austin, himself not challenged, endorsed the four incumbent representatives from Travis County. James Holbrook, president of the Dallas communications workers, is a candidate. Rep. Tony Bonilla, Corpus Christi, took the unusual step of slamming Dr. Hector Garcia, GI Forum and Latin-American leader. At a U.S. Cmsn. on Civil Rights hearing in Corpus, Garcia had said discrimination in Texas is so bad, Texas isn’t worth fighting for, he would fight for his country. Bonilla said: “I am proud to be a Texan.” Down in the Valley, Bill Whalen of McAllen, at whose park a political rally was being held, didn’t like ex-Rep. Lindsay Rodriguez being there, and, Rodriguez charged, Whalen hit and choked him. Connally’s Hand p Gov. Connally, who is openly for Craw ford Martin for attorney general, \(but not for Preston Smith for lieutenant gov ernor, against whom he reportedly tried to has also taken a hand in legislative races. His influence is reported directly in two Senate races on behalf of Sens. Jack High tower, Vernon, and Bill Moore, Bryan. Ac cording to the Wichita Falls Record-News, Connally spoke glowingly of Hightower at a public meeting, saying, of Hightower and Rep. Bill Heatly, Paducah, “If you can get a better pair, I’ll put in with you.” Con nally also has borne Hightower aloft in the state-owned governor’s Lockheed Lodestar. “Connally calls” have been made for Moore against Sen. Neveille Colson, Navasota, ac cording to a savvy informant. Moore’s campaign literature shows Connally with his arm around Moore’s shoulder. The gov MEETINGS THE THURSDAY CLUB of Dallas meets each the Downtown YMCA, 605 No. Ervay St., Dallas. Good discussion. You’re welcome. Informal, no dues. The TRAVIS COUNTY LIBERAL DEMOCRATS meet at Scholz’ Garten at 8 p.m. on the first Thursday. You’re invited. ITEMS for this feature cost, for the first entry, 7c a word, and for each subsequent entry, 5c a word. We must receive them one week before the date of the issue in which they are to be published. ernor’s appointments this month to a Southern conference on education in July also had political import he named Creighton, Hightower, and Krueger from the Senate. pot Sam Kinch says in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that “Connally even [sent] a congratulatory message to an appreciation luncheon for Tarrant County Judge Marvin Simpson, who is opposed by Rep. Howard Green.” Green was a leader against Connally’s four-year-term proposals. Sadler’s Opponent v . Fred Williams of Del Rio, vice-presi dent and board member of a group of West Texas dailies, is running against Jerry Sadler again for the Democratic nomination for land commissioner. In a letter to the Observer, Williams said he favors a national park in the Guadalupe Mountains and that the mineral rights, which Sadler wants Texas to retain con trary to federal requirements for a national park, yield “a mere estimated $8500 annual income,” with numerous geological reports indicating that more than that is not going to be forthcoming from them. Williams wants a periodic public audit for the Land Office and an end to “secrecy” there. 1,/ The Bexar County commissioners’ court ordinarily would warrant no statewide interest, but the May 7th election will determine its composition, liberal or conservative, and this will ramify through the city’s and the state’s politics. A liberal county court could have various effects on the city’s as well as the county’s politics and programs. Rep. John C. Alaniz is challenging incumbent 0. E. Wurzbach. Liberal Cty. Judge Charles Grace, originally reported .not in trouble, is now in a hard fight with Blair Reeves, a conservative. The court is now conservative, 3-2, with Grace and Albert Pena the two liberals. The Express has reported that one out of three of the 90,000 new voters signed up in the 15-day period were in precinct two, in which Alaniz is challenging Wurzbach, and half the total registrations in precinct two are “solid Alaniz boxes,” from which the Express concluded, “It seems that all he April 29, 1966 13