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Had Enough? Enough of state government run like a feudal kingdom? Some us have .. . . . . so crawl out of the cave \(you us out here in the light have ideas about Texas’s tomorrows. We want to hear yours. We call ourselves TEXAS LIBERAL DEMOCRATS I’m crawling out. Enclosed is $5.00, my annual dues to Texas Liberal Democrats \(Chris Dixie, temporary chairman; Latane Lambert, temporary secreMy name is I get my mail at City & State Note: Send dues to Mrs. Latane Lambert, 2046 Holly Hill, Dallas, Texas. it. The national average is $6,506; the Texas average is $5,950. The teachers also want a minimum sick leave program and higher teachers’ retirement benefits. 1,40 David Ivy, conservative, and Oscar Mauzy, liberal, are engaged in an increasingly livid competition for the Senate in Dallas. Ivy accuses Mauzy, a labor lawyer, of representing “the most extreme views of the labor liberals” who are now out to block Connally’s program. “Who are his associates, whom do they represent .. . and where does his allegiance lie?” Ivy asked. Mauzy says he is the “only real Democrat” running. He condemns the recent hike in auto insurance rates; blames free registration irregularities on the annual sign-up system’s failure to provide for a check on voter authenticity; accuses Ivy of breaking a promise to teachers to back $45 in ’65; 12 The Texas Observer and says that Ivy, on the late President Kennedy’s birthday May 29, voted against naming the Richmond state school for the retarded in memory of Kennedy. fro Sam Jorrie, ex-county commissioner in San Antonio, is opposing Rep. V. E. son, San Antonio Express columnist, ran a letter from Jorrie saying: “Rumors keep popping up . . . that I have some secret, diabolical scheme to publicize the police record of my professional gambler opponent. . . . This I am supposed to do in a last-ditch, desperate effort to smear him. . . . There is only one issue .. . qualifications. . . . I have read Mr. Berry’s police record, and although it makes enlightening reading, it is not the issue. . . .” Thompson then published what he said was Berry’s police record, showing that Berry ran a gambling casino in San An tonio five years, has been fined for gambling, owns race horses, and: and Harvey B. Edelman in 1945. The first case was dismissed and the second never went to trial. Neither man died. Red claimed self defense in both cases. “He beat an armed robbery rap in 1932. His defense was that a deputy sheriff who had it in for him only ‘suspected’ him of heisting a downtown casino. In any event, there was no trial.” The San Antonio Express had endorsed Jorrie. Stateswoman in Moccasins Over in East Texas, Miss Osjetea Briggs, running for the legislature, said in her paid announcement, which was accompanied by a picture of herself in long Indian pigtails: “Those who have walked in my moccasins know I have the intelligence and integrity of the White Man, the strength and stamina of the Black Man, the courage and character of my Red Man ancestors, the manners and methods of a gentleman, and the face, figure, and finesse of a lady.” Sens. Culp Krueger, El Campo, and Bill Patman, Ganado, are fighting for the one Senate seat redistricting left them. Krueger, who has held anti-pollution hearings in recent months, is stressing his role as a crusader against pollution. Patman is presenting himself as a fighter against special interests who voted against the 17.5% bank interest bill for which Krueger voted, and which Connally vetoed. Krueger disputes whether the bill in question would .have authorized 17.5%. Patman asks if Krueger is so dedicated against pollution, why he did nothing about it the four years he was on the Senate Committee responsible for water pollution. 1,00 William Gardner in the Houston Post reports that Rep. Charles Wilson, Trinity, is spending more money than his Senate opponent, Bob Murphey, the lawyertoastmaster from Nacogdoches. Murphey is a conservative Wilson has identified as a’ backer of Jack Cox for governor against Connally; Wilson is advocating a corporate income tax if new taxes are needed. Gardner reported hearsay that Arthur Temple, head of Temple Industries, is a heavy contributor to Wilson’s campaign. Wilson is manager of a Temple mill in Diboll. V Sen. Don Kennard, Fort Worth, and ex-Sen. Doyle willis are engaged in a scrap for a Senate nomination. Sen. Tom Creighton, Mineral Wells, is having to run in southwest Tarrant, but has powerful /10411=1/01411111.1161111.00181114.1=W.. Texas Society to Abolish Capital Punishment P.O. Box 8134, Austin, Texas 78712 memberships, $2 up =1WEIMI.