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#ripitz’ Since 1866 The Place in Austin GOOD FOOD GOOD BEER 1607 San Jacinto GR 7-4171 Mil Selections from a Journal-a Rogers, Childress, $3,687.84; in the House, Rep. Don Hefton, Sherman, $123.01, and Rep. Will Smith, Beaumont, $946.83. V “Reveille,” a new monthly of dis sent in Arizona, appeared with its first issue, announcing it will “attempt the most exciting features of the New Republic, Le Canard Enchaine, Punch, and the Texas Observer.” The first issue leaned heavily on slum landlords in Phoenix. V Frank Duggan, research director of the Texas AFL-CIO, has resigned as secretary of St. John’s College Alumni Assn. in New York City in connection with that college’s nationally publicized dispute over the academic freedom of its professors. V Kermit Davidson, the Texas AFL-CIO’s public relations man in East Texas and father of a civil rights demonstrator in Huntsville, filed a complaint alleging he was struck with a blackjack in Huntsville one night. A Walker County rancher, E. Vernon Thomas, entered a plea of nolo contendere and paid a $25 fine. V The Austin American Statesman re fused to run a paid advertisement written by an Austin civil rights group rebuking the city council and mayor in a dispute over a human rights commission in the city. The ad contended that discrimination and segregation are still very much the facts of life in the state capital. Dugger for Senator No one should fail to vote in the primaries on account of Ronnie Dugger needing signatures of those who don’t on the petitions for his candidacy as an independent candidate for the Senate. Please don’t hurt any of the good candidates in the primaries by failing to vote for them so you can sign the petition. The petitions won’t be circulated until the summer, and we’ll take our chances on getting the signatures then from those who just neglected to vote. The more people qualify to vote this year, the better, so get everyone who hasn’t paid his poll tax to register to vote free during the 15-day period March 3-18. All who will work on the petitions when the time comes or will do other work, please write or call Dugger for Senator Campaign now, giving name, address, phone number, and kind of work you’ll do. Money will be needed, too, especially for TV time. P.O. Box 1492 MEETINGS THE THURSDAY CLUB of Dallas meets each the Downtown YMCA, 605 No. Ervay St., Dallas. Good discussion. You’re welcome. Informal, no dues. The TRAVIS COUNTY LIBERAL DEMO-CRATS meet at Scholz’ Garten at 8 p.m. on the first Thursday. You’re invited. ITEMS for this feature cost, for the first entry, 7c a word, and for each subsequent entry, 5c a word. We must receive them one week before the date of the issue in which they are to be . published. Elroy Bode This is the third of three groups of selections taken from the journals of Elroy Bode of El Paso. Life has gone flabby, and I am flabby too. Where are the dynamics that once made a thing important, that once gave an event its color and thrill and urgency? I live on a long, grey plateau, stretching out of sight. How did I get here? How did I arrive at such a spongy and weary plainan old man’s dull savannah? Am I destined to go on measuring it, semiserene \(as a bright-eyed vegetable might I keep looking around for chains to shake off or adversaries to confront or contingents to ally myself with. But all I see is this constant pale vista, this low-pulsed world of the uninvolved. There is only one way in which I can ever be at peace with myselfto be con vinced that I have within me a steady source of significant things to say about life and have the ability to write them down so that others will value them. If I were Jesus Christ and Abe Lincoln rolled into oneyet could not writeI would carry within me a sense of failure because to create memorable things out of my head is the one challenge by which I feel I must stand or fall. I must be able to look at the world, perceive true things about it, write them down wellor be a March 4, 1966 15 AMERICAN INCOME LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF INDIANA Underwriters of the American Income Labor Disability Policy Executive Offices: P.O. Box 208 Waco, Texas Bernard Rapoport, President