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Largest Manufacturer of Political Printing in Texas IFUTURA PRESS INC Hickory 2-8682 -a Hickory 2-2426 1714 SOUTH CONGRESS AVENUE P. 0. BOX 3485 AUSTIN, TEXAS PROFESSORS Groups of students of ten or more may subscribe to the Observer for $2 each for the entire spring semester, provided we may deliver the papers to you in one packet. Send in your orders. #r ip it z ‘ Since 1866 The Place in Austin GOOD FOOD GOOD BEER 1607 San Jacinto GR 7-4171 of representing the rank and file of our people, and I am not on anyone’s payroll”; argued that after 14 nears in Congress, Dowdy isn’t owed anything by the people, since “No one deserves any credit for doing his duty”; and said, “As your congressman, I shall devote myself to the solution of national problems such as inflation, deficit financing, unbalanced budgets, depreciating currency, unemployment and lack of job opportunities for all of our people willing and able to work, and an end to continuing wars which decimate our youth and exhaust our natural resources.” Dies told the Dallas News he guesses he’s “an independent moderate.” Archer Fullingim of the Kountze News, who is usually for liberals, announced he’s against Dies even if this means being for ultraconservative Dowdy because Dies has never done anything for Hardin County, in which Kountze is. Legislative Developments I/ Ex-Rep. Horace Houston, a Republican, announced for the State Senate in the district represented by tory Democrat George Parkhouse in Dallas. Ex-Rep. Eke 14 The Texas Observer Harris may oppose Houston in the GOP primary. A retired Shell Chemical plant manager, Glenn Purcell, also Republican, is seeking a Senate seat in Dallas. Oscar Mauzy, attorney in Mullinax, Wells, Morris, and Mauzy, announced as expected against Rep. David Ivy, conservative, for another Dallas Senate seat. Ex-Rep. Clyde Miller may jump into the Senate primary between Barbara Jordan, Negro, and Rep. Charles Whitfield in the 4O9 Negro Senate district in Houston. Rep. Don Garrison is running for the Senate from another Houston district \(Rep. W. C. Miller is expected to oppose g/ Labor’s efforts to cajole ex-Rep. Mal colm McGregor, El Paso, who lost a congressional bid, to run for the new Senate seat from El Paso had met with failure as of our last report. g o of Senators Watson, Herring, Ratliff, and Crump have announced for re-election. . . . Rep. Joe Bernal, running for a San Antonio Senate seat, had a $10 appreciation dinner. g/ Curtis M. Graves, a savings and loan company official and Negro, is running or the House of Representatives from Houston’s eighth congressional district. In Dallas, Frank Clarke, the Negro football player advanced by toryDemocrats as their Negro candidate, said he didn’t know who advanced him; he might run or might not. The organization of Negro precinct chairmen in Dallas sharply rebuked the Democratic Party for the fact that they, the Negro chairmen, had not even been asked who would be good Negro candidates. “If we are qualified to turn out the votes for the party we should be capable of deciding on our choice of candidates,” they said in a statement. They indicated they favor attorney Louis A. Bedford, a Negro, running for office. go/ Dave Allred, son of the late Gov. James Allred, is running for the legislature from Wichita County. He’s a reporter, 32. . . . Rep. Howard Green, Fort Worth, is running for county judge. Ex-Rep. Don Gladden will seek Green’s seat. . . . Charles Scoggins, ex-representative and Republican, E U R O P E An unregimented trip stressing individual freedom. Low cost yet covers all the usual plus places other tours miss. Unless the standard tour is a “must” for you, discover this unique tour before you go to Europe. EUROPE SUMMER TOURS 255 Sequoia, Dept. JPasadena, California MARTIN ELFANT Sun Life of Canada 1001 Century Building Houston, Texas CA 4-0686 is running again from Corpus Christi. vor Rep. Terry Townsend of Brady, who had a 14-2 “wrong” voting record on labor’s chart last session and who sponsored the trucking industry’s most-desired \(and crease of the length of trucks on Texas highways from 50 to 65 feet and the use of double-bottom three-unit truck and trailer combinations, has been hired by the Texas Motor Transportation Assn. as a lobbyist. He will not resign the legislaruns out Jan. 1, 1967, at which time he is scheduled to replace James Taylor,. the chief honcho for the truckers lobby in Austin now. Dallas News quoted Taylor at a luncheon at which Townsend’s appointment was announced, “He has been pretty close to our industry ever since he came to the legislature. He was a member of both the highways and roads committee and the motor traffic committee and became chairman of both committees.” Townsend and Rep. Jim Nugent, Kerrville, were put in the same district by the Barnes redistricting team. In his statement in the San Angelo Standard-Times that Nugent will continue to represent the area’s interests, Townsend said, “The opportunity to work with the Texas Motor Transportation Assn. is such that I could not, in good conscience, turn it down.” Caldwell Joins Labor 1, Apologizing to the reporters from big dailies for the quality of the Federal Building coffee \(“We don’t want to federthe senior senator said no, he wouldn’t run against Connally, knew of no Democrat who would and, in any case, would not leave Washington this year to campaign for anyone. What about his own plans for 1968? “I don’t worry about three years off,” Ralph Yarborough told the cameras. “Texas may break out of the shell . . .” He talked about the Republicans on the State Democratic Executive Committee and suggested that a Democratic Democratic Executive Committee is an achievable hope if precinct-level politicking starts now. His prepared statement was a catalogue of grievances against the governor, ranging from Connally’s poverty vetoes to his record in education. “A presidential commission has recommended 14 years of free educationthrough the junior college level. Why, last year we had a governor’s -commission here recommending that we double the tuition.” The senator said education MEETINGS THE THURSDAY CLUB of Dallas meets each the Downtown YMCA, 605 No. Ervay St., Dallas. Good discussion. You’re welcome. Informal, no dues. The TRAVIS COUNTY LIBERAL DEMO-CRATS meet at Scholz’ Garten at 8 p.m. on the first Thursday. You’re invited. ITEMS for this feature cost, for the first entry, 7c a word, and for each subsequent entry, 5c a word. We must receive them one week before the date of the issue in which they are to be published.